Random piano music.

This is my private little collection of scanned piano music. Some of this dates from the days when I used to bring my Nikon CoolPix into the Lincoln Center library and (with permission) digitize rare manuscripts. In fact, since they would not allow xeroxing (old scores were too fragile) they encouraged me to use a camera on a tripod. These days when I learn a piece, my habit is to scan a digital copy first. That way I can produce a score to work from conveniently, have the online copy to refer to when travelling, can consult with distant friends, etc. Since I have little time to practice, and since this archive expands according to the music I study and perform, it grows slowly.

Listing is by composer (arranger) and title of work.

Most scores are in HTML, pdf, and 2-up (landscape) pdf. Most of the scans are 200dpi 8-bit grayscale JPG (q=1). Page images were taken either from a digital camera (on a small tripod), or from a flatbed scanner (e.g., CanoScan), then filtered through Photoshop (where they are cropped, straightened, contrast-adjusted, etc). A shell script generates the html and pdf files. The HTML files are made from images that are sized to be 11" high, and should print one per page from Explorer (you will probably need to turn off headers and footers and fiddle with margin settings; better to print from PDF, obviously).

For practicing, I print the 2-up layout full bleed and double sided on heavy paper (I like Lumijet matte paper, which is bright white, and have used printers like the Canon S820 or Epson 1280). This way you only need to carry around a few sheets; you can see six oe eight pages at a glance (and practice without ever having to mess with page turns); and since the music is just big enough to read, you can use it at the piano, but it's small enough to force you to memorize more quickly. I make my annotations with red and sometimes blue pencil, and have a metronome the size of a credit card. It's a convenient package.

If you have improvements, questions, or want to trade scores, send a "note."

Mike Hawley

Johann Sebastian Bach

Fugue in D, wtc2, bwv 874 pdf 2up (2p, 1.0Mb)
Prelude & Fugue in B, wtc2, bwv892 pdf 2up (6p, 2.6Mb)
Prelude, Fugue & Allegro in Eb (orig. for lute), bwv998 pdf 2up (8p, 5.2Mb)
prelude in E-flat pdf 2up (1p, 0.7Mb)

Leonard Bernstein

Symphonic Dances from West Side Story pdf 2up (4p, 1.0Mb)
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story (arr. John Musto) pdf 2up (65p, 14.8Mb)

Feruccio Busoni

Chamber Fantasy on Bizet's Carmen pdf 2up (15p, 10.6Mb)

Frederic Chopin

Etude #3 in A-flat, from Trois Nouvelles Etudes... pdf 2up (3p, 1.7Mb)
Nocturne in c, op.48 n.1 pdf 2up (6p, 4.3Mb)

Leopold Godowsky

Chopin: Waltz in Ab, op.64n3 arr. by Leopold Godowsky pdf 2up (11p, 5.0Mb)
Chopin: Waltz in f, op.70n.2 arr. by Leopold Godowsky pdf 2up (9p, 4.1Mb)

Twelve Impressions, for violin and piano
1. Larghetto Lamentoso pdf 2up (4p, 2.1Mb)
2. Profile (Chopin) pdf 2up (9p, 4.6Mb)
3. Legende pdf 2up (4p, 2.3Mb)
4. Tyrolean pdf 2up (5p, 2.5Mb)
5. Poeme pdf 2up (11p, 5.0Mb)
6. Perpetuum Mobile pdf 2up (7p, 3.6Mb)
7. Elegie pdf 2up (4p, 2.1Mb)
8. Valse pdf 2up (6p, 3.2Mb)
9. Valse Macabre pdf 2up (4p, 1.9Mb)
10. Orientale pdf 2up (3p, 1.5Mb)
11. Saga pdf 2up (4p, 2.1Mb)
12. Viennese pdf 2up (7p, 3.8Mb)

Invitation to the Dance
Invitation to the Dance pdf 2up (75p, 27.5Mb)
Invitation to the Dance (piano part III) pdf 2up (27p, 10.8Mb)

Java Suite
1. Gamelan pdf 2up (10p, 4.8Mb)
2. Wayang Purwa pdf 2up (6p, 2.9Mb)
3. Hari Besaar pdf 2up (11p, 5.3Mb)
4. Chattering Monkeys pdf 2up (8p, 3.4Mb)
5. Borobudur in Moonlight pdf 2up (8p, 3.6Mb)
6. The Bromo Volcano pdf 2up (13p, 5.8Mb)
7. Three Dances pdf 2up (12p, 5.5Mb)
8. The Gardens of Buitenzorg pdf 2up (8p, 3.7Mb)
9. In the Streets of Old Batavia pdf 2up (12p, 5.7Mb)
10. In the Kraton pdf 2up (15p, 7.2Mb)
11. The Ruined Water Castle at Djokja pdf 2up (10p, 4.9Mb)
12. A Court Pageant in Solo pdf 2up (11p, 5.3Mb)

The Last Waltz, arr. Godowsky
The Last Waltz, arr. Godowsky pdf 2up (4p, 2.1Mb)

1. Sarabande (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (3p, 1.6Mb)
2. Rigaudon (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (6p, 3.1Mb)
3. Menuet (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (8p, 4.1Mb)
4. Menuet (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (9p, 4.5Mb)
5. Elegie (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (6p, 3.3Mb)
6. Tambourin (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (5p, 2.6Mb)
7. Menuett (Schobert/Godowsky) pdf 2up (6p, 3.5Mb)
8. Pastorale (Corelli/Godowsky) pdf 2up (6p, 3.3Mb)
9. Sarabande (Lully/Godowsky) pdf 2up (3p, 1.5Mb)
10. Courante (Lully/Godowsky) pdf 2up (6p, 2.8Mb)
11. Le Caquet (Dandrieu/Godowsky) pdf 2up (4p, 2.3Mb)
12. Gigue (Loeilly/Godowsky) pdf 2up (7p, 3.6Mb)
13. Sarabande (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (5p, 2.6Mb)
14. Musette (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (5p, 2.5Mb)
15. Gavotte (Rameau/Godowsky) pdf 2up (10p, 4.7Mb)
19. Concert-Allegro (Scarlatti/Godowsky) pdf 2up (8p, 4.4Mb)

Franz Schubert Songs
Schubert/Godowsky: An Mignon (To Mignon) pdf 2up (11p, 3.9Mb)
Schubert/Godowsky: Litanei (Litany) pdf 2up (8p, 2.3Mb)
Schubert/Godowsky: Ungeduld (Impatience) pdf 2up (12p, 5.1Mb)

The Star Spangled Banner
Smith/Godowsky: The Star Spangled Banner pdf 2up (5p, 2.0Mb)

Symphonic Metamorphoses
Strauss/Godowsky: Die Fledermaus pdf 2up (15p, 0.1Mb)
Strauss/Godowsky: Kunstlerleben pdf 2up (23p, 0.1Mb)
Strauss/Godowsky: Die Fledermaus pdf 2up (20p, 0.1Mb)

Enrique Granados

Goyescas: 1. Los Requiebros pdf 2up (14p, 12.2Mb)
Goyescas: 2. Colloquio en la Reja pdf 2up (10p, 8.9Mb)
Goyescas: 3. El Fandango de Candil pdf 2up (14p, 10.7Mb)
Goyescas: 4. Qujas o' la Maja y el Ruisenor pdf 2up (6p, 4.9Mb)
Goyescas: 5. El Amor y la Muerte: Balada pdf 2up (13p, 9.9Mb)
Goyescas: 6. Epilogo: Serenate del Espectro pdf 2up (11p, 8.3Mb)
El Pelele (Goyesca) pdf 2up (10p, 3.6Mb)

Franz Liszt

Liszt/Auber: Tarantella di Bravura, aus Die Stumme von Portici (1847) pdf 2up (22p, 8.3Mb)
Bach/Liszt: The Great Prelude & Fugue in a, bwv 543 pdf 2up (12p, 4.7Mb)
Legend of St Francis of Paulo, Walking on the Waves pdf 2up (13p, 8.8Mb)
Gnomenreigen pdf 2up (10p, 6.5Mb)
Liszt/Gounod: Waltzes from the opera Faust pdf 2up (20p, 7.0Mb)

Sergei Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet

The Montagues & Capulets (Op.75n.10, 1937) pdf 2up (5p, 2.0Mb)
Romeo & Juliet at Parting (Op.75n.10, 1937) pdf 2up (7p, 2.6Mb)

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Variations on a Theme of Corelli pdf 2up (0p, 7.9Mb)
Rachmaninoff/Kreisler: Liebesfreud pdf 2up (15p, 6.0Mb)
Rachmaninoff/Kreisler: Liebesleid pdf 2up (10p, 3.9Mb)