Pocket Projector Research and Demonstrations

Pocket Projectors: All-in-one Solution for Mobility, Augmentation and Optical Communication

Presentation at FID2005, Nov 2005 about Pocket Projectors All-in-one Solution for Mobility, Augmentation, Communication [Slides]

Automatic Keystone Correction
iLamps: Mobile Projectors 2002 Pocket Projector for Sensing RFID location Technology Review Portable Projectors


A Self Correcting Projector:
Automatic Keystone Correction
iLamps: Geometrically Aware Mobile Projectors
and Augmented Reality
RFIG Lamps: Pocket Projectors for
Locating RFID Tags
Interaction Techniques with Pocket Projectors
Technology Review on
Portable Projectors[Link]

** See recent work by Pranav Mistry and Pattie Maes at Media Lab on SixthSense wearable projector for gestural interface.

Earlier work on Projector-based Displays, Graphics and Interaction
Office of the Future
Shaderlamps Taj Mahal Projector Based Augmented Reality
MultiProjector Seamless Displays using Camera-based Registration
Quadric Curved Screen Multiprojector Display

1998 - 2002

Office of the Future Projector-based Augmented Reality
and Shader Lamps
Multi-Projector Displays
Curved Screen Display with
Quadric Image Transfer

Ramesh Raskar