Press articles and Media Coverage

Motion Capture Spotlight (IEEE Sensors Magazine, November 2007) [Local]

Siggraph 2007 review on Prakash and Computational Photography (Computer Graphics World, Japan, July 2007)

* Depth Perception
Carolina Alumni Review, Jan/Feb 2007

Dome Screen (June 2007) [DigInfo]

Optical Heterodyning and Coded Aperture Camera  (April 2007) Wired, GizmodoEngadget, DigiCamInfo  Daily Mail

Flutter Shutter Camera (Nov 2006) Digital Camera

More Flutter Shutter Discussions, Engadget, Photographer, DP Review

* Coded Exposure Camera (technical details) (Jan 2007) Computer Graphics World (CG World Japan)

Industry News (Dec 2006) Flutter Shutter Camera

EETimes (Aug 2005) Pocket Projector

Spatial Augmented Reality in Storytelling (Mar, 17 2005) [The Giant Who Walks Amongst Us, TechReview Cover Story]

Mobile Projector(Feb 2005) [Denmark Radio (audio in Danish with English Interview)]

Dome-shaped MultiProjector Displayed in Japan (Feb 2005) [TV Tokyo (with video)]

* Nonphotorealistic Camera (Dec 2004) []

Multi-flash Camera (Dec 2004) Slashdot Discussion, Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 ChinaBlog

Down with Photorealism ! (Dec 2004) [Computerra in Russian]

* Portable Projectors (Technology Review 'Demo' Dec 2004) [Link] [* Local]

New York Times (Nov 2004) [Link] [Local]

RFID Journal (Oct 2004) [Link] [Local]

* Lokvani Interview (Oct 2004) [Link] [Local][Local]

Pocket Projectors (Oct 2004) [Link] [Local]

Technology Review TR100 Innovator (Oct 2004) [Link] [Local]

* RFIG (Radio Frequency Identity and Geometry) Lamps [Link] [Link] [Local] [Link] [Local] [Link] [Local]

Augmented Reality with Photosensing RFID, [RFIDBuzz] [RFIDNews] [Local] [Link] [Local] [Link] [Local]

RFIG (Technology Review) [Link] [Local] TRN Magazine Cover(Sept 2003)[Link] [Local][Local]

Display Grid (Technology Review, TRN Magazine(Aug 2003)) [Link] [Local] [Link] [Local]

MIT Technovator Awards (Sept 2003) [Link] [Local]

Multi-projector Display, Boston Globe (Nov 2002) [Link] [Local]

Shaderlamps, Tech TV (July 2002) [Link] [Local]

Projector Mosaic, MIT Technology Review (July 2002) [Link] [Local]

Shader Lamps Cartoon Diorama, TV Tokyo (World Business Satellite news segment) (Sept 2002) [Link] [Local]

Shaderlamps for Paleontology, IEEE News Tip (Oct 2002) [Link] [Local]


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