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◻ personal information: bio, photos of me, academic curriculum vitae, media and press
   I was on the MIT Faculty and held the Dreyfoos chair from about 1993 through 2002, when I became Director of Special Projects.
   corporate and nonprofit work:

◻ mit research programs and projects:
   My MIT work has always sought to creatively stretch digital infrastructures, embedding intelligence into
    all sorts of artifacts and advancing the web of communications. We have worked on application areas
    ranging from toys to kitchens to sports, and on expeditions ranging from Everest and Bhutan to Iceland and Hawaii.
    Powerful expeditions and exciting applications are a wonderful way to inspire ingenuity.

◻ articles, books and lectures:
   I have lectured on six continents, in about 60 countries, and have written articles for a variety of scholarly and trade publications. Here are some.

◻ music:
   I play the piano and organ, and sometimes write and arrange music. I don't make recordings (to me, great musical experiences are only live), but below are a few pirated sessions.

◻ photography:
   I research digital photography, and occasionally take a decent picture.
     Photography is sometimes regarded as a somewhat narcissistic habit.
     Personally, I have found the field technologically intriguing (!),
     and the discipline of capturing a good visual record of work is crucial.
     in many of our field-intensive research projects.

◻ students, their theses, and mafia links:
   The most exciting ideas at MIT bubble up in student theses, and working
   with students on these projects is by far the best reason to have an adult job at MIT.
   I keep paper copies of every thesis I sign. Some students have chosen not to publish their thesis work on line.
   Copies may always be ordered from the MIT Library (especially for work in the "predigirassic" era before autumn 1996).

◻ a dear friend:

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