Massachusetts Institute of Technology
School of Architecture and Planning
Faculty Personnel Record

Date: 12/31/99
Name: Michael Jerome Hawley (
Department: Media Laboratory
Address: MIT Media Lab, E15-490, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge MA 02139


1. General History

1. Date of Birth: 11/18/61
2. Citizenship: US (ss# XXX-XX-XXXX; passport XXXXXXXXX)
3. Education:
School Degree Date
Yale University B.A. + B.S. 1983
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. 1993
4. Title of Thesis for Most Advanced Degree: Structure out of Sound (Ph.D.)  
5. Principal Fields of Interest:
embedded computing and networking technologies,
with applications in toys, domestic artifacts, and health care;
systems engineering for expeditionary fieldwork;
6. Name and Rank of Other Department Faculty in Same Field:
Marvin L. Minsky, professor emeritus
William J. Mitchell, professor, dean (School of Architecture)
Nicholas P. Negroponte, professor, director (Media Lab)
7. Name and Rank of Faculty of Other Departments in Same Field:
Hal Abelson, professor (EECS)
Michael Dertouzos, professor, director (Lab for Computer Science)
Marcus Thompson, professor (Music)
8. Non-MIT Experience (including military service):  
Employer Position Start End
Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ) researcher 1979 1983
IRCAM (Paris) chercheur 1983 1984
Lucasfilm, Ltd. (San Rafael, CA) research scientist 1984 1986
NeXT Computer, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) software engineer 1987 1993

9. History of MIT Appointments:
Rank Department Start End
Research Assistant Media Laboratory 9/86 8/93
Assistant Professor EECS 9/93 8/95
Assistant Professor Media Laboratory 8/95  

10. Consulting Record:
Firm Start End
Bell Laboratories 3/83 2/84
Bellcore 3/83 2/84
National Education Corporation 93 3 days
Perot Systems (technical advisory board) 4/93 1/98
Lazard-Freres   3 days
NeXT Computer 1988 2/97
Aspen Ski Company 1995 1996
Walt Disney Company 1/95 7/96
Bahamas Information Technologies (advisor) 8/96 6 days
Color Kinetics (board member) 1/98  
Fitsense Technologies (board member) 4/98  
Presto Technologies (board member) 6/98  

11. Department and Institute Committees. Other Assigned Duties:
Activity Start End
Committee on Classroom Media (EECS) 5/94 6/95
Corporate Joint Advisory Committee (MIT) 9/94 ?

12. Government & other Outside Committees, Service, etc.
Activity Start End
Library of Congress: National Digital Library Council 1993 1994
James Joyce Media Center, visiting committee 1995 1997
Rutgers University Jazz Center, board of directors 1996  
Personal Technologies Journal, US Editor 1996  

13. Awards Received:
Award Date
Jack Kilby Award for Innovation in Science
for invention of first digital books, including first computer-based dictionary.
Other recipients include:
George Smoot (1991) for cosmology; John Hagelin (1992) for supersymmetric grand unified field theory; Richard Smalley (1992, Nobel Prize 1996) for "buckyballs"; Eric Drexler (1993) for nanotechnology; Stefanie Kwolik (1994) for Kevlar; Bob Ballard (1994) for oceanography; Tim Berners-Lee (1995) for the world wide web; Marc Hannah (1995) co-founder and chief scientist of Silicon Graphics; Vint Cerf (1995) for the internet; Steve Wozniak (1996) co-founder, Apple Computer.

14. Current Organization Membership:
Organization Offices Held
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)  
Society of Fellows, Jonathan Edwards College (Yale) trustee, fellow
Aspen Institute Digital Commerce Group  

15. Patents and Patent Applications Pending:
1. Method and Apparatus for a Text Indexing System (1990)
2. Method and Apparatus for Controlling Access to a Computer Network Using Tangible Media (1998, MIT Case #7926T)

16. Professional registration: n/a


2. Teaching Experience at MIT
Term Subject Title Role Enrollment
F93 6.001 Structure & Interp. of Computer Programs recit, lecture 140
S94 MAS001 Intro. to Media Arts & Sciences designer, lecture 120
F95 6.001 Structure & Interp. of Computer Programs recit, lecture 140
S95 MAS001 Intro. to Media Arts & Sciences designer, lecture 120
S95 6.033 Computer Systems Engineering recit 120
S96 MAS100 Intro. to Media Arts & Sciences designer, lecture 120
F96 MASA04 Things That Think recit, advisor 14
S97 MAS100 Intro. to Media Arts & Sciences designer, lecture 120
F97 MASA04 Toys of Tomorrow recit, advisor 12
S98 MAS100 Intro. to Media Arts & Sciences designer, lecture 120
S98 MAS890 Projects in Everyday Infrastructure seminar leader 16
F98 MASA04 Toys of Tomorrow recit, advisor 12
S99 MAS890 Projects in Play seminar co-leader 12
F99 MASA04 Counter Intelligence recit, advisor 12
S00 MAS--- Field Expeditions seminar leader --


3. Public Output: Publications, Major Media Coverage, Lectures

3a. Publications

Books Year
Photomosaics (with R. Silvers), published by Henry Holt (US/Europe), ASCII (Japan). 120,000 copies sold (US) 1994
Bits of Life (in process) fall 2000
Papers in Refereed Journals

1. Hawley, M.J., The Personal Orchestra, or, Audio Data Compression by 10000:1, Usenix Computing Systems Journal, 3(2), 1990.

2. Hawley, M.J., Everyday Infrastructure for Things That Think, Personal Technologies Journal, 1(1), 1997
Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings
1. Hawley, M.J., and Leffler, S.J.,Windows for Unix at Lucasfilm, Usenix Proceedings, Summer 1985.
2. Hawley, M.J.,Unix Tools for a Personal Database, Usenix Proceedings, Summer 1985.
3. Hawley, M.J., MIDI Music Software for Unix, Usenix Proceedings, Summer 1986.
4. Hawley, M.J., Porting Unix to the B­sendorfer, Usenix Third Computer Graphics Workshop, Monterey, CA, 1986.
5. Hawley, M.J., Entertainment Services, Software, and Consumer Electronics in a Global Digital Medium,in Defining the Global Information Infrastructure,SPIE Critical Reviews of Optical Science and Technology, vol. CR56, Boston, Nov 1-3 1994.
Other Major Publications
1. Hawley, M.J., The Transvoicetite and Other Source-oriented Sound Transforms, Media Lab technical memo, January 1990.
2. Hawley, M.J., Structure out of Sound, MIT Media Lab Ph.D. dissertation, August 1993.
3. Hawley, M.J., Blown to Bits: Libraries in the Next Millenium, in FID News Bulletin,v45, April 1995.
4. Hawley, M.J., Negroponte, N.P., The Library of Progress, in WIRED, March 1995.
5. Hawley, M.J., Things That Think: The Future of Computing, in Gateway Magazine,Summer 1996.
6. Hawley, M.J., Making Lace, foreword for Network Computing, Prof. Dmitris Chorafas, 1997.
7. Hawley, M.J., Photomosaics Calendar, 1998, published by ASCII in Japan (won the major Japanese design award in that year)
8. Hawley, M.J., Negroponte, N.P., Toys of Tomorrow, in WIRED, February 1998.
9. Hawley, M.J., Missing Links, White Paper for Presidential Advisory Committee on High Performance Computing and Communication, Information Technology, and Next Generation Internet, April 1998.
10. Hawley, M.J., with Geer, D., Embedded Systems Workshop Proceedings, USENIX, March 1999.
11. Hawley, M.J. (US Editor), Thomas, P. (Editor), Personal Technologies Journal, Springer, 1996-2000.


3b. Major Media Coverage

Project Channel
1. Marathon Man, April 1997. New York Times Television documentary (Learning Channel)
New England Cable News, April 21, 1997
MSNBC, April 21, 1997
WCVB/ABC Channel 5, April 21, 1997
ABC World News Tonight, July 15, 1997
2. Into The Future, PBS Special on Digital Libraries and Archiving, documentary by Terry Sanders, January 1998.
3. Heart Throb Brooch Fox News, April 27, 1998
CNN World News, April 27 1998
NPR/WBUR interview, "WEARABLES," October 15, 1997
TIME magazine, January 5, 1998
The Times (London), "Putting your Heartbeat on the Net," Anjana Ahuja, April 2, 1998
New York Times, "A Chance to Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve," Karen Freeman, March 26, 1998
4. Toys of Tomorrow CBS News, "Eye on America," November 28, 1997
ABC News, "High Tech Toys," December 19, 1997
New York Times, "Toy Makers to Sponsor Design Lab at MIT," John Markoff, October 14, 1997
5. 1998 American Everest Expedition ABC World News, "Mount Everest," Peter Jennings interview, May 15, 1998
ABC Nightline, "Everest," Forrest Sawyer interviews, May 18, 1998
USA Today article series, by Tim Friend (, May 1998.
6. Counter Intelligence NY Times, "In an MIT Lab, the Future Cooks," William Hamilton, Feb 18, 1999
ABC World News, "Counter Intelligence," March 20, 1999


3c. Invited Lectures and Seminars

Lecture Location Date
1. The Digital Library, keynote for National Library Association Cincinatti OH 6/92
2. Information Architecture, lecture for Society of Minds, festschrift for Marvin Minsky MIT, Cambridge MA 12/93
3. Digital Media in the Classroom, keynote for KERA teacher training institute Dallas, TX 12/93
4. Digital Libraries, invited lecture for Library of Congress Washington, DC 12/93
5. Business and Advertising in a Global Digital Infrastructure, keynote for first Digital Convergence conference, Tokyo, Japan 9/94
6. Global Digital Media, keynote for Harvard University Digital Imaging Symposium Cambridge, MA 10/94
7. Commerce and the Internet, keynote for Arthur Andersen conference New York, NY 11/94
8. Digital Libraries, speech for NASA workshop on information technology Portland, OR 2/95
9. Future Media, keynote for Motorola Quest Symposium Boca Raton, FL 2/95
10. The Library Channel, invited talk for Kellog CRISTAL-ED Conference, School of Library and Information Science, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 3/95
10. The Library Channel, invited talk for Kellog CRISTAL-ED Conference, School of Library and Information Science, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 3/95
11. Voyages, Real and Virtual, keynote for EDS corporate summit Napa, CA 3/95
12. Blown to Bits: Libraries in the Next Millenium, lecture for Perspectives, MIT Media Lab lecture series Cambridge, MA 4/95
13. Media Technology, lecture for University of North Dakota School of Aeronautics Grand Forks, ND 4/95
14. Information Futures, keynote for European summit conference on Technological Investment Potsdam, Germany 5/95
15. The Tectonics of Information Technology, lecture for Harvard Business School Cambridge, MA 5/95
16. The End of Computing, keynote for MacIS (international Macintosh User's conference) Landsdowne, MD 5/95
17. Creative Technology, banquet speech for IFAC MMS conference, MIT Cambridge, MA 6/95
18. The End of Computing, banquet speech for Intel Architecture Labs corporate retreat Portland, OR 6/95
19. The Library Channel, lecture for biennial meeting of international science journal editors and publishers association Barcelona, Spain 7/95
20. Digital Libraries, speech for Quantum Futurists Symposium San Jose, CA 8/95
21. Reinventing Communication, keynote for 3-Com Inventor's Award Banquet San Jose, CA 8/95
22. A Day in the Life of Cyberspace, lecture for 1010 Symposium, in celebration of the Media Lab's 10th anniversary, MIT Cambridge, MA 10/95
23. A Day in the Life of Cyberspace, speech for Compaq Innovate Forum Houston, TX 11/95
24. Things That Think, speech for annual meeting of the Urban Land Institute Hollywood, CA 1/96
25. Bits of Life: Reflections on the Digital Renaissance, inaugural lecture in the MIT Distinguished Lecturer Series Cambridge, MA 1/96
26. Things That Think, report for Singapore Digital Media Consortium Singapore 2/96
27. Computers, Cyberspace and the Future, public lecture at the Foreign Correspondent's Club Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2/96
28. Things That Think, keynote speech for the annual meeting of the Home Automation Association San Diego, CA 2/96
29. Creative Technology, speech for Ogilvy&Mather corporate retreat Key West, FL 3/96
30. Things That Think, speech for MIT Telemedicine Conference Cambridge, MA 4/96
31. A Media Lab Show-n-Tell, two talks for the MIT Club of Orlando, FL, and the MIT Club of West Palm Beach, FL, respectively Palm Beach, FL 5/96
32. Digital Olfaction?, keynote speech for the annual meeting of IFF/FEMA (Internation alFragrance and Flavor Manufacturers) West Palm Beach, FL 5/96
33. A Day in the Life of Cyberspace, speech for the annual meeting of the Mt Washington Valley Economic Council North Conway, NH 5/96
34. Things That Think, colloquium lecture for Yale Department of Computer Science New Haven, CT 5/96
35. Things That Think, keynote speech for the annual meeting of the Finnish Occupational Health and Safety Organization Helsinki, Finland 5/96
36. The Digital Renaissance, keynote speech for the Scandinavian International Media Event Stockholm, Sweden 6/96
37. Things That Think, lecture for the inauguration of the mediaCenter Friedrichshafen, Germany 6/96
38. Things That Think, speech for Siemens Automation Group Bamberg, Germany 8/96
39. Things That Think, banquet speech for 3-Com International Meeting Waltham, MA 8/96
40. The Digital Future of Personal Care Products, speech for Procter & Gamble CIncinatti, OH 8/96
41. The Bits of Life, speech for NASA Communication Science Symposium Washington, DC 9/96
42. Piggy Banks in the Next Millenium, keynote for Fidelity Investments strategy meeting Boston, MA 9/96
43. Things That Think, lecture for Toshiba 2000 conference Rome, Italy 10/96
44. Things That Think, keynote for 31st annual conference on Computer Science in India Bangalore, India 11/96
45. Computers and Telecommunications by 2000, MIT Center for Real Estate, Technology and the Future of Real Estate Cambridge, MA 11/96
46. Digital Life, LOMA conference Los Angeles, CA 11/96
47. Inventing the Next Millenium, Motorola Patent Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ 11/96
48. Things That Think, MIT Media Lab Symposium: Inventing the Future Tokyo, Japan 12/96
49. Things That Think, Calvin College The 1 Series(twice named America's best university lecture series) Grand Rapids, MI 1/97
50. Wearables, Fedex/TTT symposium on wearable technology Memphis, TN 1/97
51. Things That Think, IBM AS/400 Annual Meeting Rochester, MN 2/97
52. Intelligent Worlds, Urban Land Institute Palm Beach, FL 2/97
53. Things That Think, Cable & Wireless executive meeting Cambridge, MA 2/97
54. Wearable Systems, organized watershed TTT meeting at FedEx headquarters Memphis, TN 1/97
55. Whither GPS?, keynote at National Academy of Sciences for world GPS leaders meeting Washington, DC 4/97
56. Post-Digital Commerce, keynote for AmericanEconomic Development Council annual meeting New Orleans, LA 5/97
57. Tip of an Iceberg, address for Motorola International Paging Congress Santorini, Greece 5/97
58. Internet Real Estate, keynote for Mortgage Banking Association annual meeting San Francisco, CA 5/97
59. Things That Think, lecture for KPMG leadership meeting, with Sherry Turkle Laguna Niguel, CA 5/97
60. Marathon Man: A Body Network, lecture for 3Com executive meeting Cambridge, MA 5/97
61. Recent Research at the Media Lab, review for Motorola faculty retreat Schaumburg, IL 6/97
62. Internet Commerce, report for Austrian Economic Council Graz, Austria 6/97
63. Internetelephony: the Ultimate Rural Switch, keynote for OPASTCO (small telephone companies) annual meeting San Diego, CA 7/97
64. Subscriber Devices of the 21st Century, lecture for Motorola strategic developers meeting Plantation, FL 7/97
65. Intelligent Things, keynote for IBM International Executive meeting Sydney, Australia 8/97
66. Things That Think, keynote for HP Asia/Pacific leaders meeting Singapore 8/97
67. The Sense of Things, lecture for Motorola executive board sensing systems strategy meeting Schaumburg, IL 8/97
68. Smart Packages, lecture for Philip Morris executive board meeting Rye, NY 9/97
69. Things That Talk, keynote for Natural Microsystems annual meeting Boston, MA 9/97
70. The White Bits, keynote for Mt. Washington Valley Economic Development Council North Conway, NH 9/97
71. Bits of Life, keynote for Bismarck North Dakota Economic Development Council Bismarck, ND 9/97
72. Marathon Man: the Heart on your Sleeve, lecture for STENTOR Health Innovation Center Cambridge, MA 10/97
73. Pocketful of Chips, keynote for IBM International Summit Rochester, MN 10/97
74. WEARABLES, lecture for MIT Media Lab WEARABLES Symposium Cambridge, MA 10/97
75. Computer Clothing, lecture for Anderson Consulting Boston, MA 10/97
76. Outdoor Computing, keynote for Outdoor Advertising Association Washington, DC 10/97
77. Toys of Tomorrow, keynote for 3Com Executive dinner Natick, MA 11/97
78. Where am I? Why am I here?, keynote for US Aerospace Consortium conference on GPS systems Washington, DC 11/97
79. Thoughts on Design, IBM Design Forum Rye, NY 11/97
80. Home 2000, lecture for Telecom Italia Cambridge, MA 12/97
81. Beyond Integration, lecture for Arthur Andersen Chicago, IL 12/97
82. Toys of Tomorrow, keynote for Xplor '98 conference Nashville, TN 2/98
83. Toys of Tomorrow, lecture for Mattel Los Angeles, CA 2/98
84. Serious Play, keynote for IBM Asia/Pacific executives meeting Seoul, Korea 3/98
85. Things That Think, lecture for Pirelli executive retreat Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy 3/98
86. The Future of Health Care, talk for 9th Multimedia Roundtable Marina del Rey, CA 4/98
87. Bits of Commerce, keynote for Iowa Economic Development Council Des Moines, IA 4/98
88. Healthy Clothing, video demonstration from Mount Everest for TEDMED conference Charleston, NC 5/98
89. E-Living, lecture for AMEX board of directors New York, NY 6/98
90. Recent Experiments on Mount Everest, lecture for Pratt & Whitney Glastonberry, CT 6/98
91. Life Networking, lecture for MIT Club of Portugal Lisbon, Portugal 7/98
92. Toys of Tomorrow, lecture for the Concours Group Hot Springs, AK 7/98
93. Intelligent Appliances, lecture for EDS Dallas, TX 8/98
94. The Future of Play, talk for Mattel board of directors Santa Monica, CA 9/98
95. Things That Think, lecture for Young President's Organization North Haven, ME 9/98
96. Automobility after 2000, lecture for AAA Costa del Sol, Spain 9/98
97. Embedded Intelligence, lecture for University of Madrid Madrid, Spain 9/98
98. How We Learn, keynote for Online Learning Conference Los Angeles, CA 9/98
99. E-Commerce, lecture for MFS Albany, NY 9/98
100. Recent Experiments on Mount Everest, governor's conference Des Moines, IA 10/98
101. Bodies Online, lecture for Orlando Healthcare Conference Orlando, FL 10/98
102. The Library of Congress in a Shoebox, lecture for StorageTek Buena Vista, FL 10/98
103. Bodies Online, lecture for the Gartner Group Orlando, FL 10/98
104. Bodies Online, lecture for Greater Washington Society of Area Executives Washington, DC 10/98
105. Counter Intelligence, lecture for Groupe d'Ouchy Lausanne, Switzerland 10/98
106. The Facts of Digital Life, lecture for UniSys Reno, NV 11/98
107. The Next Best Thing, satellite lecture for CEO's of Latin American telcos Cancun, Mexico 11/98
108. Counter Intelligence, lecture for IBM Watson Labs White Plains, NY 11/98
109. Bodies Online, keynote for National Managed Health Care Conference Los Angeles, CA 11/98
110. Why We Like Music, lecture for symposium on complexity Santa Fe Institute 12/98
111. DataCam, lecture for Kodak Rochester, NY 12/98
112. Toys of Tomorrow, lecture for KPMG higher education conference Boca Raton, FL 1/99
113. Bodies Online, lecture for society of university administrators and executives Boston, MA 1/99
114. Outdoor Computing, lecture for Nokia world software summit Helsinki, Finland 2/99
115. Toys of Tomorrow, lecture for IBM Durham, NC 2/99
116. Smart Cars, lecture for J.D. Power Marina del Rey, CA 2/99
117. People, Places and Things, lecture for TED9 conference Monterey, CA 2/99
118. Counter Intelligence, lecture for Food Marketing Institute New Orleans, LA 2/99
119. Embedded Sensors, lecture for DARPA office directors Washington, DC 3/99


4. Record of Research Funding
Source Year Value
Computer Embroidery Hardware, Melco & Gateway 1994 $30k
Sloan Fund, for personal information architecture 1994-5 $105k
Alex W. Dreyfoos Career Development Chair 1995-8  
Smarter Smart Cards, Oki Corporation (Japan) direct research 1996-8 $750k (over 3 years)
Intel Equipment Grants 1995-6 $850k (over 2 years)
Things That Think (cofounder/director of consortium) 1996-2001 $5-7m/y
Black Boxes, ASCII Corporation (Japan) direct research 1997-8 $250k/y
Toys of Tomorrow (consortium founder/director) 1998- $2m/y
Counter Intelligence (consortium founder/director) 1998- $2m/y
ESP Expeditions, DARPA direct research 1999- $1m/y
Endowments in Development
$3-5m: with P&G, a lab for "living brands"
$5m: with MasterCard, a lab for ecommerce; closed 12/99;
Prof. Maes, director
$10m: with Mattel, a lab for future dolls; Prof. Blumberg, director
$5-10m: Young Explorer's Program, and Washburn Lab for Exploration Science;


5. Theses Supervised
M.Eng Author Date
Use of Shot/Scene Parsing in Generating and Browsing Video Databases Allen Shu 5/95
Marathon Man Maria Redin 6/98
World Automation; The BioSuit Steve Gray 6/98*
Kinematics of Running Ravi Sastry 6/99
Viewpoints on Deman: Tailoring the Presentation of Opinions in Video Gilberte Houbart 9/94
Information Theoretic Measures for Encoding Video Giri Iyengar 7/95
Feature Guided Automated Collaborative Filtering Yezdi Lashkari 9/95
Extracting Expressive Performance Information From Recorded Music Eric Scheirer 9/95
Photomosaics: Putting Pictures in their Place Rob Silvers 6/96
The Mind's Eye Earl Rennison 9/96
Digital Theremins David Waxman 9/96
Resynthesis of Acoustic Piano Recordings Alvin Fu 9/96
Live Interactive Music Performance through the Internet Charles Tang 9/96
DirectIVE: Choreographing Media for Interactive Virtual Environments Flavia Sparacino 10/96
Hyphos: A Self-Organizing, Wireless Network R. Dunbar Poor 1/97
Dynamic Intonation for Synthesizer Performance Benjamin Denckla 9/97
Navigating a Spatialized Speech Environment through Simultaneous Listening within a Hallway Metaphor Brenden Maher 2/98
Personalized Multicast Guillaume Boissiere 6/98
smartSHELL: Measuring and Motivating Humans in an Outdoor Rowing Environment Gwelleh Hsu 6/98
smartSHELL: NetWeight and Inner View: Personal Health Data Monitoring and Interaction Bradley Geilfuss 6/99
smartSHELL: Telebug: Explorations of a playful link between child and toy Maria Redin 8/99
as 21; as supervisor: 10; as reader: 11.

* Gray's thesis not signed, deferred indefinitely.