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Click on a picture or topic name. Each contains abstracts, illustrations and references from my papers about that topic. Most have the full papers in HTML, Word, and Postscript or PDF formats, and some have Quicktime movies of software demonstrations.

Common Sense for Interactive Applications

A new approach for integrating Common Sense knowledge bases with interactive applications can prove useful even when coverage of the knowledge base is spotty and inference isn't completely reliable.


End-User Debugging


We'd like to make it possible for programs to "help debug themselves" when an error occurs. Woodstein is an agent that helps you debug Electronic Commerce transactions.



Aria is a user interface agent for storytelling with digital photographs that provides semi-automatic assistance for annotating and retrieving images.


Letizia is a user interface agent that assists a user browsing the World Wide Web.

Let's Browse

Let's Browse is an agent for collaborative Web browsing.

Apt Decision

Apt Decision tries to make e-commerce dialogs more flexible by assembling user profiles from critiques of example offerings.

Expert Finder

Expert Finder is an agent for helping people find colleagues within an organization or group who might have expertise and willingness to answer specific questions.


Grammex is a system for defining grammars by example.


Mondrian is a graphical editor that can learn new procedures by recording and generalizing user interface actions. It can also learn new concepts and procedures from graphical annotations drawn on video images.


To provide assistance to the cognitive tasks underlying the debugging process, this new debugger shows an animated view of code, keeps a reversible history of a computation, and maintains a bidirectional correspondence between code and graphical output.

The Macroscope

A technique for browsing very large display spaces, such as a street map of the world, using multiple translucent layers.

Agent-Application Communication

Some thoughts on communication issues between intelligent interface agents and conventional applications.

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