hello there, i'm karthik. nice to meet you!

I'm co-organizing the Computing for Mental Health Workshop at CHI 2016 May 7-8th. See details here

4/16/2015 I delivered a joint key note address with Matthew Nock at the 48th conference of the American Association of Suicidology on probabilistic graphical models.

1/12/2015 Teaching Latent Variable Models for clinical psychologists & cardiology researchers at Harvard University.

1/13/2015 Teaching Data Visualizations for clinical psychologists & cardiology researchers at Harvard University.

4/11 Presenting my research at the White House on using probabilistic graphical topic models to scale crisis help architectures in the United States.

12/09 I'm presenting mixture of advanced machine learning and reflective user interfaces at Google, MountainView, CA.

The American Mathematical Society features a chapter on my research in the 9th volume of What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences

Back at MIT after a year modeling the knowledge graph Satori for Bing.

In Amsterdam 9/20 to present a panel on computational detection of bullying organized by Delft, Leiden and Amsterdam universities.

Co-teaching an offering of H397 this fall with lengendary Bob Selman and Emily Weinstein at Harvard, bringing probabilistic graphical models to psychology.

Applied Machine Learning group begins new semester with a focus on probabilistic graphical models for language and machine vision