I can value very few things above what my collaborators mean to me. Not only am I inspired by their fierce intellect and their boundless enthusiasm, but also deeply influenced by their sense of adventure. To be around these immaculate human beings is to learn and grow. I love them to death and would hug them at any point in time.

The White House
  1. Aneesh Chopra, Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States
  2. Office of Science & Technology Policy

MIT Media Laboratory
  1. Henry Lieberman, Principal Research Scientist
  2. Rosalind Picard, Professor of Media Arts & Sciences
  3. Pattie Maes, Head & Professor of Media Arts & Sciences
  4. Kevin Slavin, Assistant Professor, Media Arts & Sciences,
  5. Joicho Ito, Director, MIT Media Laboratory

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  1. Regina Barzilay, Associate Professor, EECS
  2. Sharon Paradesi

Harvard University
  1. Robert Selman, Roy Edward Larsen Professor of Human Development & Education, Harvard Med & Ed School
  2. Matthew Nock, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology
  3. Cassie Glen
  4. Adam Jaroszewski
  5. Charlene Deming
  6. Emily Weinstein

Microsoft Research
  1. Eric Horvitz, Director, Microsoft Research, Redmond.
  2. Scott Counts, Senior Researcher

Carnegie Mellon University
  1. Carolyn Rose, Associate Professor, Language Technologies & Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science
  2. Laura Dabbish, Associate Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science
  3. Robert Hampshire, Assistant Professor, Operations Research
  4. Jonathan Aldrich, Associate Professor, Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science

Princeton University
  1. David Blei, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  2. Allison Chaney

Technion Israel Institute of Technology
  1. Roi Reichart, Assistant Professor

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