Achuta Kadambi
PhD Candidate, M.I.T., Supervisor: Ramesh Raskar

E14-374C, 75 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 715-4683

Email: achoo[at] (preferred mode of contact)

Curriculum Vitae
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Dec. 2017 New paper on MIT homepage  MIT News
Dec. 2017 Textbook on LIDAR accepted to MIT Press  MIT Press
Dec. 2017 Paper appears in Best Papers Issue, IJCV  Link
Dec. 2017 TEDx on Imaging and Autonomous Driving  Video
Dec. 2017  CVPR18 Tutorial on Self-Driving Cars  Slides

Short Bio

I'm now a faculty at UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering. Please visit my UCLA webpage.


Recent Talks

Research Themes

More about Time of Flight and LIDAR --> course slides from ICCV and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Selected Work

* Please see Google scholar or CV for full publication list

Computational Time of Flight Imaging

Joint Textbook with A. Bhandari, A. Kadambi, and R. Raskar
[ Accepted to MIT Press as a Textbook, Forthcoming 2018 ]

Rethinking Machine Vision Time of Flight with GHz Heterodyning

A. Kadambi, R. Raskar
[ IEEE Access 2017 ]

Depth sensing using geometrically constrained polarization normals

A. Kadambi, V. Taamazyan, B. Shi, R. Raskar
[ International Journal of Computer Vision 2017 ]

Macroscopic Interferometry: Rethinking Depth Estimation with Frequency-Domain Time of Flight

A. Kadambi, J. Schiel, R. Raskar
[ IEEE CVPR 2016 (Oral 3% acceptance) ]

Occluded Imaging with Time of Flight Sensors

A. Kadambi, H. Zhao, B. Shi, R. Raskar
[ ACM Transactions on Graphics (pres SIGGRAPH 2016) ]

Polarized 3D: Enhanced 3D sensing fusing depth and polarization cues

A. Kadambi, V. Taamazyan, B. Shi, R. Raskar
[ IEEE ICCV 2015 (Oral 3% acceptance) ]
Selected for Best Papers Special Issue

Computational Time of Flight

Joint Tutorial Course with A. Bhandari, M. Gupta, A. Kadambi, R. Raskar.
[ IEEE ICCV 2015 ]

A Light Transport Model for Mitigating Multipath Interference in TOF Sensors

N. Naik, A. Kadambi, C. Rhemann, S. Izadi, R. Raskar, S.B. Kang
[ IEEE CVPR 2015 ]

Resolving multi-path interference in time-of-flight imaging via modulation frequency diversity and sparse regularization

A. Bhandari, A. Kadambi, R. Whyte, C. Barsi, M. Feigin, A. Dorrington, R. Raskar.
[ OSA Optics Letters 2014 ]

Coded Aperture, Compressive 3D LIDAR

A. Kadambi, P. Boufounos
[ IEEE ICASSP 2015 ]

Demultiplexing Illumination via Low Cost Sensing and Nanosecond Coding

A. Kadambi, A. Bhandari, R. Whyte, A. Dorrington, R. Raskar
[ IEEE ICCP 2014 ]

Coded time of flight cameras: sparse deconvolution to address multipath interference and recover time profiles

A. Kadambi, R. Whyte, A. Bhandari, L. Streeter, C. Barsi, A. Dorrington, R. Raskar
[ ACM Transactions on Graphics (pres SIGGRAPH Asia 2013) ]
Selected for Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

10+ US utility patents filed, 25+ including provisionals and international.