Guy Satat

I am a PhD student and research assistant in the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab, working under the supervision of prof. Ramesh Raskar.

My research interests are imaging through scattering, time-resolved imaging, compressive imaging and computer vision.

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Link to my Masters Thesis on Imaging Through Scattering


• (Jul 17) New paper on calibration invariant imaging using deep learning in Optics Express
• (Jun 17) Present a poster on All Photons Imaging Through Layered Structures in COSI
• (May 17) Visit Prof. Daniele Faccio group at Heriot-Watt
• (May 17) Talk at Auto-Sens conference in Detroit, link to slides
• (May 17) Talk at NES OSA
• (May 17) Presented a poster on "Lensless imaging with compressive ultrafast sensing" in ICCP
• (Mar 17) New paper on lensless imaging accepted to special edition on Extreme Imaging of IEEE trans. on Computational Imaging, MIT News
• (Feb 17) Talk at Amazon Israel
• (Feb 17) Talk at Technion Pixel Club
• (Feb 17) Talk at Ben Guriun University
• (Nov 16) My TEDx Beacon St talk is live
• (Nov 16) Talk at Bose
• (Nov 16) Talk at TEDx Beacon Street
• (Nov 16) Talk at the New England Vision Workshop
• (Sep 16) All Photon Imaging Through Volumetric Scattering - New paper in Nature Scientific Reports, featured by MIT News.
• (Aug 16) Presented in the EMBC 16 conference - on using signal processing to identify Asthma
• (Jul 16) Presented in the COSI 16 conference - on our method to measure perfusion in an endoscopic system
• (Jun 16) Started a summer internship at Qunatlab
• (May 16) Developed a MindReader machine as part of an online machine learning class
• (May 16) Gave a talk at MIT CSAIL vision meeting
• (May 16) Presented invited paper at the SPIE defense and sensing conference - on advances in ultrafast imaging

About Me
I have experience in computational imaging, signal processing, machine learning, and optics.
In 2013 I graduated from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, as part of the Technion’s Program for Excellence. I received B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering cum laude and B.Sc. in Physics cum laude.
During my undergraduate studies I researched the use of Memristors (a recently discovered fundamental electronic device) for logic in future VLSI circuits and CPU architectures.
Before joining the Media Lab, I worked at Intel inc. on computer architecture, focusing on Network-on-Chip architecture.
Today I am a research assistant in the Camera Culture group at MIT Media Lab. My work focuses on novel methods for imaging through scattering media visible light (as oppose to X-ray or RF). Such methods have many advantages such as non-ionizing radiation and good contrast among different materials. To overcome the big challenge - for example to see under our skin - I am using different properties of light, which are utilized with custom hardware. These are combined with algorithms I develop, in order to resolve information hidden behind scatterers (such as tissue and fog).


Calibration Invariant Imaging

Deep learning allows imaging through paper without lengthy calibration.

Ultrafast Compressive Imaging

Lensless imaging with compressive ultrafast sensing.

Seeing Through Scattering

Imaging through scattering using near-visible wavelength.

Towards in-vivo Biopsy

Locating and classifying hidden fluorescent markers.

Skin Perfusion Photography

A device to measure blood flow speed in skin tissue.

Reinventing the Stethoscope

New ways to diagnose and monitor heart and lungs conditions.


A new type of elementary circuit device and how we can use them.


For most updated list visit my Google Scholar page.

Journal Papers

  • G. Satat, M. Tancik, O. Gupta, B. Heshmat and R. Raskar, "Object Classification through Scattering Media with Deep Learning on Time Resolved Measurement", Optics Express Vol. 25, 17466-17479 (2017). link, pdf
  • G. Satat, M. Tancik and R. Raskar, "Lensless Imaging with Compressive Ultrafast Sensing", To appear: IEEE Trans. Computational Imaging (2017).
    doi: 10.1109/TCI.2017.2684624. link, pdf
  • G. Satat, B. Heshmat, D. Raviv and R. Raskar, “All Photons Imaging Through Volumetric Scattering”, Nature Scientific Reports, 6:33946, (2016). link, pdf
  • G. Satat, B. Heshmat, C. Barsi, D. Raviv, O. Chen, M.G. Bawendi and R. Raskar, “Locating and Classifying Fluorescent Tags Behind Turbid Layers Non-Invasively Using Sparsity-Based Time-Resolved Inversion”, Nature Communications, 6:6796 doi: 10.1038/ncomms7796 (2015). link, pdf
  • S. Kvatinsky. D. Belousov, S. Liman, G. Satat, N. Wald, E.G. Friedman, A. Kolodny, U.C. Weiser, "MAGIC – Memristor Aided LoGIC," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Vol. 61, No. 11, pp. 1-5, November 2014. link
  • S. Kvatinsky, G. Satat, N. Wald, E. G. Friedman, A. Kolodny, and U. C. Weiser, "Memristor-based Material Implication (IMPLY) Logic: Design Principles and Methodologies," IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), Vol. 22, No. 10, pp. 2054-2066, October 2014. link
  • Refereed Conference Proceedings (full papers)

  • G. Satat, K. Ramchander and R. Raskar, “Identi-wheez — a Device for in-Home Diagnosis of Asthma,” IEEE International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) 2016
  • G. Satat, C. Barsi and R. Raskar, “Skin Perfusion Photography,” IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), pp.1-8, 2-4 May 2014. link, pdf, ppt
  • S. Kvatinsky, N. Wald, G. Satat, A. Kolodny, U. C. Weiser and E. G. Friedman, "MRL - Memristor Ratioed Logic," Proceedings of the International Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications, pp. 1-6, August 2012. link
  • Conferences

  • G. Satat, B. Heshmat, T. Swedish and R. Raskar, "Computational Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging in Endoscopic System," in COSI 2016 (poster) link.
  • G. Satat, D. Raviv, B. Heshmat and R. Raskar, "Imaging Through Thick Turbid Medium Using Time-resolved Measurement," in COSI 2015 (oral) link.
  • G. Satat, B. Heshmat, N. Naik, A. R. Sanchez and R. Raskar, "Advances in ultrafast optics and imaging applications," in SPIE 2016 (invited). link, pdf
  • G. Satat, C. Barsi, B. Heshmat, D. Raviv, and R. Raskar, "Locating Fluorescence Lifetimes Behind Turbid Layers Non-Invasively Using Sparse, Time-Resolved Inversion," in CLEO: 2014 (poster). link
  • B. Heshmat, G. Satat, C. Barsi, and R. Raskar, "Single-Shot Ultrafast Imaging Using Parallax-Free Alignment with a Tilted Lenslet Array," in CLEO: 2014 (oral). link
  • G. Satat, C. Barsi and R. Raskar, “Skin Perfusion Photography,” 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays, June 2014 (poster).
  • Thesis

  • Masters thesis: Imaging Through Scattering. pdf
  • Patents

  • Internal communication interconnect scalability, US patent 13/793,684. Link
  • Adaptive admission control for on die interconnect, US patent 14/142,748. Link
  • Memristor Aided Logic, US patent 61/950,114. Link

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