Ben Schmandt

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La Push, WA, 2002

I did ask for a window seat!
Our favorite beaches in Washington.
Let's get wet!
A swing among the drift logs
I still fit in the sink!
The big mountain, Mt. Rainier.

Sonoran desert, Tuscon

Big cactus!
Arizona is fun...
...especially when you find water!

Martha's Vineyard

Look at my terrible teeth!
Stop tickling me, Kaya!
Tending the octopus garden.

Death Valley, 2003

In the bowl of fire.
Badwater before the boardwalk
Twisted strata
Really twisted!
Eric demonstrating exposure
Fall Canyon narrows
Next time Ben will come up here.
Climbing the highest dune
From Thimble Peak
Badwater salt flats
The top of Wood Canyon
Kid on rock
Twylla's "god light"
Eric's cool shirt

La Push 2003

I can fly!
Swing me higher, Kaya!
An urchin at World's Best Tidepools.
Big big beach.
Hold on to me, mom.
In our beach camp.

Death Valley, 2004

Up we go!
So how do I get down?
Oh, like this!
Can't get up that!
Nevares Cabin
Hiking with mom and dad.
Eric tells me funnier stories!
Swimming in the desert?
Isn't Mt. Hamblin made of chocolate?
Panamint Dunes and Range
Pinto Valley from Mt. Hamblin

Spring 2004

The ship's log.
Land ho!
Dune jumper.
Oops, caught my smile.
Two hands...
One hand...
No hands!...
Hop on Pop!

Washington 2004

My spiny friend.
King of the bridge!
Do it string!
Can I jump that?
Make them walk the plank!
Naked running!
The big tide pools
On the Pumice Plain

Fall '04

Land's end
Where's Ben?
Upside-down Ben!
In the ganolia tree.

LaPush 2005

Up close on the beach.
Flying leap!
No help needed on the ropes this year.
Beach swing.
Ben's beach fort patio.
Petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks
Dad takes this photo every year.
Another driftwood fort.
Return from World's Best Tidepools
Low tide near Sand Point

Tuscon Fall 2005

Up high with dad.
Which is bigger, Mr. Cactus or...
The famous spiral petroglyph.
Spiney hair doo.
Way up on Santa Rita Peak.

Death Valley, 2006

Above Trail Canyon
To the Red Amphitheater
Am I a minor or a miner?
Salt Creek
Snow on Telescope Peak
Stack of heads
North from Dante's View
Ryan narrow gauge railway
Careful on the petroglyphs!
Four cold ones on Aguereberry Point
Sunset, Agueregerry Point
Pinto Valley
Silverleaf Sunray in gypsum
Striped ridge, Panamint crest
Scenic "burned wagons" memorial
Searching for gems
Dripping a castle with Kate

LaPush 2006

Urchin with urchin
Sunset, first beach
Low tide, dense fog, Hole-in-Wall
Lifting fog at Hole-in-Wall
Hidden Beach lunch
Walk the plank!
Morning, third beach
Third Beach
The swing was still there.
Rope at Scotts Bluff
Look at my channel!
Hidden Beach from Scotts Bluff
Near Sand Point
Third Beach, low tide