Benjamin Raymond Schmandt, born 7 Feb 2000

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Death Valley 2007

Jim examines the slime.
Telescope Pk over Panamint Valley
Climbing Pinto Peak
Getting late going down
But easier than going up!
Out on the big flats behind Salt Creek
Evening shadows
Salt Flats, Telescope Peak
Dune jumping in sandstorm
Minor miner again
Climbing Jubilee Peak
Southern DV from Jubilee
Three guys with hats
BYO shade
Old mine road near Skidoo

Utah & Grand Canyon

July 2007

Early start to Angels Landing
Not sure I want to go up there.
Canyon Overlook
50 points for my ringtail!
Brrr... Refrigerator Canyon?
Cross bedded sandstone
Going to the Narrows
See why it's called Top Rock?
Canaan Mountain
Canaan slickrock
Virgin Narrows
Yesterday's rain, today's mud
Swimming with ouzels
King of the narrows!
Willis Creek
A long drop down
Looking fresh in the morning
Sunrise on the Hermit Shale
Supai flower, bigger than Ben
Widforss Point
The Transept. Up early on a hot day.

Washington 2007

Finally on Shi-shi Beach
Low tide to Hidden Beach
Tidepool guys
Climbing Scott's Bluff
Famous overturned strata
Flowing water? Dam it!
Windy Ridge, Mt. St. Helens
That's how it erupted!
It's dormant, right Jim?
Well, not quite!
Wildlife goes for the good stuff.
Don't fall!

Death Valley 2008

Civet in a hole!
Narrows of Lovell Wash
Dad, about the car...
Close the door behind you.
Desert Gold!
The rocks have measels
Crepuscular valley
A long ways down.
The answer is blowing in the wind
Ruin with a view
I am not climbing to the top!
Bowl of Fire.
Aguereberry Point
The Butte.
To King Midas Mine
Amargosa Narrows

Zion 2008

First rap.
On top of Slickrock Land.
Slickrock Land.
North Fork narrows.
Behind the White Cliffs
Red Canyon
The Barracks in Parunuweap
Really dark!
Hard to get off route here.
Mommy do it string!
Cross bedded sandstone.
Parunuweap, lots of quicksand.
Swirly rock slot.
Watch the thunderstorms...
Above the crowds.
Horned lizard, happy Ben.
"Not so scary."
Slickrock explorer.

Washington 2008

Low tide on Second Beach
James Island, sunset at First Beach
Fast food for an eagle
Tucson's multi-story castle
Northern Yucky Seal
Above Hole-in-Wall
Sand Point picnic area
Late day sun
Scott's Bluff
Family on logs
Twisty arch

Alabama Coast 2008

Lichen Head
On the beach.
White sands.
Sunset from Jessie's house
Man-of-wars and other beach trash.
Sobriety test

Death Valley 2009

Zinc Hill, the "other" summit
Really big timbers.
Petros of Lake Manly jellyfish?
Favorite sunset, Jaywhawker Canyon
Hot soak with the BirdandHike Guy
A pack of desert rats
Ben takes the rental for a spin.
Grotto Canyon in the rain
Corkscrew Wash
You take the high road...
John Lemoigne's cabin
Not my fault!
Marble Canyon narrows
Marble Canyon narrows
Wirelettuce may be used as a sun hat
Crawl under the bridge
And through the tunnel
This isn't the bypass

Grand Canyon and


June 2009

Old cattle trail
Sunrise from our camp
A "horned toad" a day...
Ready to go down there?
Ghosts of the Rock
Shards. I didn't break it!
Esplanade alcove camp
Full pack, full sun.
Navajo sandstone
Parunuweap "trail"
They just painted on the color!
Parunuweap straghtaway
Mineral Gulch
More red walls
A bad place to be... a thunderstorm
But a shadow of itself

Zion 2009

Cable Mountain
Morning light at Bryce
Orange rock and bristlecone pines
The subway at home has an escalator!
Dad's favorite light
Mud pie guy.
Roaming in slickrock land
Shower room in the Subway. *
Butt Crack Mountain in background.
View from a wild place.
Lunch break in the mud mines.
Big red ramp to the Subway.*
Subway tunnel, watch for trains.*
Subway pools, tub time!
Kanarra Red
The Bowling Alley
Famous Subway log.
Last stop in the Subway.
Canyon Junction, end of Orderville *
Take a left at the petroglyphs.

LaPush 2009

Second Beach
A stupendous castle.
Tilted strata of Mt. Angeles
Happily approaching end of the hike.
"We never find brittle stars here."
Fording the mighty Ozette
Good beach activity on a cold day!
Airy view of the Hole
Launching into orbit.
Hidden cove.
Rare sunny morning on Rialto Beach
Monkey in the middle!

Southern Arizona

2009 - 2010

Pie Guy on Elephant Head
Spikey head?
Only in the Sonoran Desert Museum!
Santa Ritas, next destination
Madera Canyon
Abandoned ocelot!
We ate pie up there.
Mt. Hopkins behind
Mt. Wrightson sunset
Useful flower stalk
Devil's Cash Box
Above Santa Cruz Valley

Death Valley 2010

Gang of Four on Mt. Perry
Ben's mining cabin, needs a roof job!
Sun sets behind Telescope Peak
Where the palm civets live
Above the red canyon, Argus range
Turn around in Palmer Canyon
Last rays above the valley.
Above Lake Manly
Ore Boy
View from the window seat
Back to the honey mines
No one here but us burros.

SW Utah 2010

East Northgate Peak
Definitely scary
Scenic before the thunderstorm
Dad's favorite light again
Meanest guy on the trail
Don't drip it on Mom!
Sandstone streaks
Admirable Boletus?
On Deertrap Mountain
Who are ewe?
Like Bryce, but no people
Older than Granny!
Best travelled before dinner
Spring Creek, but where's the water?
Dad's favorite rock
Armful of canyon
Dark passage
Quicksand corridor

LaPush 2010

Star fog on Rialto Beach
Don't trip over the seal pup!
Who's down there?
Fresh bear claw for breakfast.
Mount Olympus
Marmota olympus
Gophers through the Hole!
We otter remember this family.
Fording the mighty Ozette again.
Cats' multi-story castle
Still chasing gulls!
Lovely view for an eagle

Southern Arizona

2010 - 2011

Famous spiral petro, again
Evening in the Sonoran desert.
Don't step back!
Thought we left the snow at home?
A bit early for ocotillo.
Snow melts fast here.

Death Valley 2011

I'm a little teapot...
Kaleidoscope Canyon
Bat, bat, come under my hat!
Desert canyon waterfall
The long corridor
Do you have hall passes?
Winch you were here!
Fat, yes. Terrible? No. But sleepy!
Lazarus the zebra tailed
Long dead critters
Rock critter
Rock full of critters!
Big empty!
The White Rock beverage fairy?
Not climbing!
Guys in a slot

SW Utah 2011

On the trail at sunrise.
Yellow Rock with nicer weather.
Arch above Water Canyon
Canaan Mtn. slickrock land.
Moki marbles
Parunuweap is down there.
River otter.
Up to the White Hoodoos this year.
Behind Crazy Quilt Mesa
Don't tread on me, Mom!
Them's the (Cedar) Breaks!
Hissing junebug
Matching colors
Just another Zion view
On the Missing Mountain
The Box of the Paria River
Looks about eagle sized.
Red Teepees
Balancing act
Velvet ant

LaPush 2011

Glaciers on Mt. Olympus
Late snowmelt means August flowers.
Cute little vermin.
Mt. Baker from Mt. Angeles
Eagle with food court in distance.
Late day light.
Sure, why not? Yum, fungus guy!
The classic viewpoint
A Quillayute Needle?
Red Legged Frog? Yes!
Dramatic light
Speaking of arms...
We otter tell yet another otter joke.
Line up for TK's hot dog stand
Eight of those = big octopus!
The elusive nudibranch

Southern Arizona

2011 - 2012

What's on Wasson Peak?
Hunting aquatic life forms
Desert grasslands
Yummy, at least to a deer
Never touch a cactus!
Windmill Suites Motel?
Ah cool feet (clean too!)
On top of the Little Elephant
Just another desert sunset
Crested Cactus Wren
We found Tucson's mother
Fall colors Sonoran style

Death Valley 2012

Ben deciphers the Petro Code
Sleepy baby Chuck.
Borax Benchmark
In Redwall Canyon's curvy guts
Should be a fossil, but isn't.
Source of the Sand Canyon sand.
Door jamb to Room Canyon
Don't steal the petros!
Amazing Redwall light
Old Martin wasn't Crossing.
Blue mountain. Really.
Stunning colors.
The Red is just painted on the Wall.
Two guys on the "easy" dryfall bypass.
Two guys in the slot
No guys in the slot
Above the badlands

LaPush 2012

Southern end of Second Beach
Above the Straits
The fabled tree octopus!
Scotts Bluff
Foraging for sea food
Foraging for canned food
Sand Point
Wedding Rock petros
Magical Light Bay
Who's boardwalk is this?
I guess I'll go around.
Another day, another deer!

Southern Arizona

2012 - 2013

Happy New Year!
Male coatis are solitary
Water pool?
Dead Boy Scouts Saddle
The magic coral bean
Spreading the seeds

Death Valley 2013

Fading Martin Crossing sign
Bah Bah Bighorn Sheep
Baaah Bighorn Ben
Going into the red?
Dad peels off the wall
Eye of the knitting needle
Dad can still walk!
Deep into the red
Ben declares victory over the dunes
Laid back hikers
Hold on, Spiderman!
Crescent Bridge
Seeking the lost borax haystacks
Inyo Mine, super sized
The gang on Tucki
Vast, but hard to get lost!
Boring pink rocks.

Utah 2013

A fun slickrock scramble.
"Coral Orange" sunset dunes
Friction is your friend
Looking pretty sharp
Can it rattle when wet?
Through the Cockscomb
Art from the Triangle Tribe
Slickrock, slickrock, everywhere
Hackberry Cyn., behind the Cockscomb
Can we handle another arch?
Dark and wet and cold
Above the Center of the Universe

Yellowstone and

Montana 2013

Geysers spewing everywhere.
Imperial rarely stops.
Lone, Star of the park.
Just happened upon Riverside spewing.
Fumaroles growling.
Old favorite Morning Glory.
Miles of meadows.
Why it's called "Big Sky Country"
The Montana I came looking for.
Stone cold firewood.
Northern Yellowstone vista
Yes the flowers were out!
Grizzly Ben sharpens his claws.
Do Proghorns have horns or antlers?
Elk Boy
Glutton of the meadow.
Coloration courtesy of algae.

Washington August 2013

Ben has grown more than the mountain.
What does the fox wear?
The glacier cracks us up
Lupine hillside
Mouse on a stick
And then the fog came...
Giants' Graveyard
Wedding Rocks
Angel Wings
Slithering on the beach
Long haired trees
Back to the Hole
There is always a red one.

Southern Arizona

2013 - 2014

On top of Elephant Head.
A cactus sort of evening.
On the east side of town.
Bears don't hibernate here.
Still in the pod.

Death Valley 2014

Follow the red gravel road...
...deep into the red... over our heads!
Heaven for the claustophobic
Unfortunately, not alive
Sucking oxygen on Wildrose
300 M year old lepidodendron bark
Above Nemo Canyon
Favorite flower: Desert Five Spot
Hike's end
Very Stretched pebbles
Timeless view.
A bit of vertical relief?
Artist's Palette defeated us.

Utah & Arizona 2014

Bacon Rocks
Snake say "Keep back!"
Off the old cowboy route
Blobs at Bacon Flat
Love those slickrock bowls
Ominous sky
Bah, just taking it easy
Angels on the Landing
First we had to climb the spine
On the edge
Relaxing on the Martian landscape
We did find the red sandstone
Big civet in the hole!
Ben meets the V-boys
Red zombies on the wall
Wrong peak, great view
A mighty jumper
Slickrock climber
Sharp edges
And then the rain came...

Colorado 2014

Making a move on Dad's hiking stick
Even nicer without HAPE
That's close enough, marmot!
We found what we were looking for
Breath-taking, literally!
Cold waters before the storm
Arapahoe Pass
Must be another ptarmigan nearby.
Another must-see flower
Who elk is up here?
Cold and windy on the tundra
Pawnee Pass

Montana 2014

Looking for the Ramshorn sheep
They're at the petrified stump
One for us too.
Elk on the other side of the divide
Big meadows at Windy Pass
Very red place
Whose trail is this?
Tortured strata, happy hikers
Bridgers from across the valley
A good flower year
Crazy (Mountains) Meadow

Washington 2014

A Plummer'ing we will go!
Hoary Marmot
Clearly it's Grand Park!
Plenty of goats
Glacial ice
The elusive leopard nudibranch
Thrice the fun
Beach selfie
Velella velella
Too many arms to count

Arizona 2014-15

It is not time to wake up yet.
Weather changing for the better.
Run little piggy!
Saguaro with a view
In the cactus garden in the morning
Shaggy desert mushroom

Death Valley and

Gold Butte 2015

Bennett Peak
No Ben.
Necrophiliac sidewinder
Colville Ridge
Put me down now!
"Epic" scree climb
The "H" guys
Gold Butte gold
Not in a hurry
Newspaper Rock
Fin Face
Falling Man

Utah 2015

Never too much red slickrock.
Ha ha made you jump!
Spooky in the Narrows
Stranger when lit up.
White bowl
Red gash
Parunuweap blue
Parunuweap red
Grand Staircase red cliffs
Grand Staircase white cliffs
On the mesa top
Molly's Nipple out there
Red wall, green trees

Montana 2015

High point of the trip
Ben's bald eagle composition
Flowery ridge
Strata stand as stright as we do.
Marmot with a view
Mt. Blackmore peaks
Yesterday's snow behind us
Windy Ridge open sky
Roller coaster trail
Busy trail but what scenery!
There's a trail here somewhere...
...Just like coming through there.

Washington 2015

Back to the Big Mountain
Where there's smoke...
Momma marmot (hoary)
Smokey high meadow
On top of the Olympics
We're not in Fukushima anymore
Independent fearless young siblings
At the end of Second Beach
Cross the Dragon's back
Wedding Rocks
Just another beach day in Washington

Arizona 2015-2016

Melendrez Pass finally
Sun on a cold morning
Sea of grass
McCleary Peak after many years
Let's rock!
Tough climb up here

Death Valley 2016

Ben catches his lunch
Quest for the Blue Mountain
Finally found a route!
Bah bah Ben sheep
Unexpected flower location
Bowl of Fire
Laid back hiker
Does it look like a thimble?
The Gang of Four
Red light district
Phacelia. Don't touch?
Spooky gravel ghost

California 2016

Rediscovering the Sierra
Big Sur
Sure do grew 'em big around here!
Lots to hike around here.
And this was a dry winter.
What's that marmot digging for?
Mono Lake
Is this a "live" oak?
Cathedral Peak
Why are you staring at me?
Where's the other half of the Dome?
Room to roam out here.

Montana 2016

Near Daly Pass
Petrified stump
No bears in Bear Basin
Another day, another peak
We saw elk in the same spot last year
Endless mountains
Contrasting rain shadows
On Eaglehead Peak, but no eagle
Favorite view, Ramshorn Peak
Bighorn Peak, long hike
Yet more mountains in Mountana
Mountain goats this time, not sheep

Washington 2016

Posing with the Big Mountain
Old Snowy, we got to the top.
On top of Old Snowy, plenty of snow.
Comet Falls, seen from afar last year
Hold on tight, Ben.
Far sighted view
August and there's still ice...
...and snow.
Bistort mountainside
Mt Gilbert from a great viewpoint
Having fun on a long beach walk
Always enjoy seeing the needle.

Tucson 2016

Still smiling after a long climb
Distant Santa Ritas
Good night big cacti
High grasslands
Unsettled but scenic
Desert water is always a treat.

Death Valley and

Gold Butte 2017

Gang of Four on real Mt. Perry
Corkscrew Peak
Brown Horned Toad likes brown rock...
... and grey likes grey (same species)
Snowy Sierra
High country
Gold Butte views
Globe Mallow
Rocky summit
Princes Plume
A few mountains
A few flowers

Montana 2017

Bear Basin from the old trail
Ouch! Best experienced below treeline
Below Hyalite Peak
Ross Peak, a bit gnarly
Montana goats
Divide Peak
Looking south over the Bridger Range
A good flower year.
Bridger Range
Elephant Mountain
Gallidaria, a local favorite
Basin below Divide Peak

Colorado 2017

Crowded but classic Chasm Lake
I'm bigger than you!
Mount Ida
Wouldn't be Colorado without pikas
Pawnee Peak without thunderstorms
Elusive monkshood
Essential Colorado
Mt. Audobon just before the storms
Seen only because it clucked.
Arapahoe 35 years after first attempt.
So what if we're in your trail?
Lake Dorothy and Arapahoe Pass