Caching Mechanisms towards Single-Level Storage Systems for Internet of Things

Yosuke Bando    Konosuke Watanabe    Ken-ichi Maeda    Hiroki Kudo    Masahiro Ishiyama
Atsushi Kunimatsu    Hiroto Nakai    Masafumi Takahashi    Yukihito Oowaki

TOSHIBA Corporation

Internet of Things (IoT) involves coping with enormous number of distributed devices. This paper introduces three pieces of caching technology as steps towards single-level storage systems that can host and map numerous IoT devices on a single vast address space: 1) a caching mechanism for making solid-state storage appear as huge main memory, 2) speeding up access to resource-limited IoT devices by caching the address translation table of solid-state storage chips, and 3) ad hoc device-to-device data relay, which can be used as effective network caching for mapping IoT devices.