Invited Talks

2022 Recent Advances in Video Understanding.
Tulip, Germany/USA
2021 Recent Advances in Unsupervised Representation Learning.
Computational Color and Spectral Imaging Workshop Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
2020 ExpertMatcher: Automating ML Model Selection w/wo Privacy Concerns.
Computational Privacy Track, National Science Foundation, Boston, USA.
2020 Video Understanding.
Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey and Ecole polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.
2020 Self-Supervised Face Representation Learning & Video Understanding.
Machine Learning Plus Online Program, Beijing, China.
2019 Recent Advances in unsupervised face representation learning and video understanding.
Facebook, Boston, USA
2019 Recent Advances in Image and Video Representation Learning.
Microsoft, Boston, USA
2019 Unsupervised Representation Learning.
Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
2019 Recent Advances in Video Understanding.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL), Boston, USA.
2019 Recent Advances in Video Understanding.
MIT-IBM Watson Lab, Boston, USA.
2019 Temporal 3D ConvNets.
In Advances in Imaging Course - MIT Professional Education, Boston, USA.
2019 Self-supervised Face Representation Learning.
ISM Connect, Boston, USA.
2019 Dynamic Image Enhancement.
Camera Culture Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.
2019 Role of Multispectral Image Fusion for Vision Applications.
OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2018 Robust and effective feature representation for robotic and vision applications.
Amazon Research, Berlin, Germany.
2018 Unsupervised Feature Learning for Person Identification.
University of Paris-Sud and LIMSI, Paris, France.
2018 The Choice is Yours: To Enhance or not To Enhance.
NAVER Labs (previously Xerox R&D), Grenoble, France.
2017 Multi/Hyper-Spectral Imaging Applications in Computer Vision.
3rd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Applications, Lisbon, Portugal.
2016 Pose Estimation & Recognition.
Sony Depthsensing Solutions (previously SoftKinetic), Brussels, Belgium.
2015 Multi/Hyper-Spectral Imaging Applications.
SpectroNet International Collaboration Forum, Jena, Germany.
2014 Scene Understanding using Conditional Random Fields for Safe Human Robot Collaboration.
University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, Norway.
2012 Radio Frequency & Identification.
The Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), Pilani, India.

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