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Hot tech: the fashion of the future
Jacky Myint, ASAP, 16 August 2006
(features whiSpiral)

Geek chic on the runway
Kim-Mai Cutler, The Boston Globe, 2 August 2006
(features whiSpiral)

Talking shawl is the last word in luxury garments
Scottish Daily Mail, 12 May 2006
(features whiSpiral)

It's a wrap - tomorrow's world goes digital
The Press and Journal, 12 May 2006
(features whiSpiral)

Aviemore hosts digital conference (VIDEO)
BBC, 11 May 2006
(features whiSpiral, Breakout for Two)

Getting a bit physical at the V&A
Nancy Durrant, Times Online, 11 June 2005
(features Mutsugoto)

Touch Me
Nehrain Khalifa, Artyfacts, June 2005
(features Mutsugoto)

Liebesboten für Fernbeziehungen
Zeit Wissen, February 2005
(features Floral Display)

When band talks to hand
L. N. Revathy, The Hindu Business Line, 7 February 2005
(features iBand)

Networks Without the Net
Douglas Rushkoff, TheFeature, 22 September 2004
(features tunA and

NextFest: An odyssey of innovation (VIDEO)
Shannon Bentley, Daily Planet / Discovery Channel, 18 May 2004
(features Breakout for Two)

Back from the future: At NextFest, tomorrow's technology fascinates and bewilders
David Barton, Sacramento Bee, 18 May 2004
(features Breakout for Two)

Zipping into the future: NextFest in SF zeroes in on inventions that are almost ready to take off
Benny Evangelista, Jan Sandred, San Francisco Chronicle, 14 May 2004
(features Breakout for Two)

Flotation tank phone rings with success in tech prize
Irish Examiner, 14 May 2004
(features Iso-phone and BumpList)

Fishing for music (AUDIO)
Brian Finn, Future Tense / RTE Radio, 20 April 2004
(features tunA)

'Daten' met je walkman
Peter Otte, Rotterdams Dagblad, 10 March 2004
(features tunA)

Torwandschießen interkontinental
Christian Stöcker, Spiegel, 1 March 2004
(features Breakout for Two)

Virtual football bonds strangers
Jo Twist, BBC News, 27 February 2004
(features Breakout for Two)

Technology in Focus: Mobile Radio Station
Steven Ong, IDA Singapore, 23 February 2004
(features tunA)

Innovation is good for you
Roger Dettmer, The IEE Review, February 2004
(features Iso-phone, Breakout for Two)

Connecting through Music
MIT Technology Insider, February 2004
(features tunA)

Het hoeft niet altijd een computer te zijn...
Bart Goossens, Netwerk, February 2004
(features Habitat)

Turning Strangers Into Friends
Mark Frauenfelder, TheFeature, 19 January 2004
(features tunA)

Virtual Table Brings Distant Loved Ones Together
Terry Costlow, IEEE Distributed Systems Online, January 2004
(features Habitat)

Sniklytt på naboens iPod
Espen Irwing Swang, ITavisen, 5 December 2003
(features tunA)

Fildelning på gatan
Urban Lindstedt,, 5 December 2003
(features tunA)

TunA and Socializing via MP3 Player
Slashdot, 4 December 2003
(features tunA)

TunA Lets Users Fish for Music
Kari L. Dean, Wired News, 4 December 2003
(features tunA)

Media Lab: Heaven for innovative thinkers (VIDEO)
Scope TV, 2 December 2003
(features tunA)

Gizmo Puts Cards on the Table
Mark Baard, Wired News, 28 November 2003
(features Habitat)

Bellen onder water
De Ingenieur, 14 November 2003
(features Iso-phone)

'Virtual Mirror' gives speakers the stage
Tim Kridel, ProAV, November 2003
(features Reflexion)

Bellen in alle rust
Netwerk, November 2003
(features Iso-phone)

Digitale emotie: Creatieve sector kan meer betekenen voor ICT
Jan Benjamin, NRC Handelsblad, 25 October 2003
(features Wanderful Alcove, Habitat) (English translation)

Eenzaamheid verdreven via e-culture
Sladjana Labovic, Het Parool, 24 October 2003
(features Habitat)

Warm Water Cure
Michael Castelluccio, Strategic TechNotes, Strategic Finance magazine, 16 September 2003
(features Iso-phone)

Trunk Calls (VIDEO)
Spencer Kelly, Click Online / BBC World TV, 11 September 2003
(features Iso-phone)

Bumpy Ride
Pamela LiCalzi O'Connell, New York Times, 31 July 2003
(features BumpList)

Grenzenlos: Exertion Interfaces verbinden Sportler weltweit
Florian Müller, Peter-Michael Ziegler, c't magazin für computertechnik, 14 July 2003
(features Breakout for Two)

Brains Unboxed
Kirstie Urquhart, Next Wave / Science, 4 July 2003
(features iCom)

Bump the List!
Valerie Lamontagne, Rhizome, 13 June 2003
(features BumpList)

[ Untitled ]
Eduardo Navas, netartreview, 6 June 2003
(features BumpList)

Lab puts human potential to high-tech test
Tom Lyons, Irish Independent, 5 June 2003
(features iCom)

Household goods furnished with technology of the future
Bernie Dwan, Irish Examiner, 30 May 2003
(features Desktop Subversibles, Habitat, Reflexion, iCom)

Pure Genius - Inside Media Lab Europe
Stephen Kingston, Frank Bauer, O Magazine, Spring 2003
(features Palimpsest, Reflexion, iCom)

Daten via Wasser übertragen
der Standard, 2 May 2003
(features Streaming Media)

Des souris et un homme
Marie Lechner, Libération, 25 April 2003
(features Desktop Subversibles)

Digital flower keeps tabs on love (AUDIO)
BBC News, 21 April 2003
(features One2One / Floral Display)
Also featured on Go Digital with Tracey Logan (near end of program)
BBC World Service, 14 April 2003

Contribute to a Global Movement
Helen Varley Jamieson, Rhizome, 7 March 2003
(features Desktop Subversibles)

Web studies computer, human link
Burt Lam, Honolulu Advertiser, 4 February 2003
(features Streaming Media)

James Auger wins the 2002 Kölner Klopfer Design Prize
Köln International School of Design, 14 January 2003

Water way to run a network
Rene Millman, vnunet, 2 January 2003
(features Streaming Media)

Slashdot, 30 December 2002
(features Streaming Media)

MLE researchers design dental speaker
Matthew Clark, ElectricNews, 17 June 2002
(features HC researchers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau)