gershon dublon

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   post: 75 amherst st. / e14-548 / cambridge, ma 02142

   institutions and affiliations:

      the almanac
      mit :: media lab :: responsive environments group
      nyu :: tisch school :: interactive telecommunications program
      yale :: school of engineering and applied science :: embedded networks and applications lab
      yale :: department of music :: music and technology lab

   teachers, collaborators, and friends:
      abigail washburn
      aliza shvarts
      andreas savvides
      daniel kluger
      daniel sobo
      kathryn alexander
      konrad kasczmarek
      margarida silveira
      michael geraci
      michael klingbeil
      peter j. kindlmann
      r. luke dubois
      johannes somary
      ted gordon
      tina zavitsanos

   things i like:
      the moth
      this american life
      harper's magazine
      sylvia rivera law project
      global fund for women
      cooking for engineers