gershon dublon

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me I am a doctoral student and research assistant in the Responsive Environments Group at the MIT Media Lab, where I work on new tools for exploring and understanding dense sensor network data. Recently I've been thinking about ways sensor networks might become extensions of our nervous systems— networks of remote, distributed sensing prosthetics.

Recent, representative artworks include Purée, an interactive human video collage that turns visitors into canvases for projected video clips; rainsuit, a personal, exo-plumbing system for rain; semblance, a large-scale photo compositing installation; and The Small Figure 3, a short piece for solo bassoon.

In the recent past, I worked on people-sensing as a post-graduate researcher at the Embedded Networks and Applications Lab at Yale University, supervised by Dr. Andreas Savvides. In a more distant past, I helped develop algorithms for feature extraction and analysis of butterfly wing patterns with Dr. Margarida Silveira at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal.

I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Yale University, where for my thesis work, supervised by Dr. Peter J. Kindlmann, I built DürerBot, a fully autonomous portrait-painting robot. Also at Yale, I studied composition with Dr. Michael Klingbeil and Dr. Kathryn Alexander.