A significant percentage of MIT students -- and especially Media Lab students -- go on to start their own company. This ecosystem of high-tech small-businesses and design firms play an important role in early stage technology developments as well as long-term technology transfer to our large sponsor companies.
Despite the Dot-Com bust at the turn of the century, the entrepreneurial climate at MIT remains vibrant with ventures in many new areas. The Media Lab -- and MIT as a whole -- was one of the first engineering schools in the US to emphasize the needs of developing countries and also view this as an entrepreneurial intiative (social ventures).

Since 2000, I have founded 5 business ventures:

  • Ashametrics, Inc. - A company providing sensors and software tools for researchers working in Mobile Health.
  • TagSense, Inc. - A boutique engineering development firm specializing in RFID and wireless sensor technology.
  • AgileTag, Inc. - A product company that sells RFID systems designed for item-level tracking.
  • First Mile Solutions, LLC -- A provider of wireless infrastructure and communications hardware for developing countries.
  • United Villages, LLC -- A provider of data, voice, and video services for developing countries.

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