Towards Digital Refocusing from a Single Photograph

Yosuke Bando Tomoyuki Nishita
TOSHIBA Corporation
The University of Tokyo
          The University of Tokyo

This paper explores an image processing method for synthesizing refocused images from a single input photograph containing some defocus blur. First, we restore a sharp image by estimating and removing spatially-variant defocus blur in an input photograph. To do this, we propose a local blur estimation method able to handle abrupt blur changes at depth discontinuities in a scene, and we also present an efficient blur removal method that significantly speeds up the existing deconvolution algorithm. Once a sharp image is restored, refocused images can be interactively created by adding different defocus blur to it based on the estimated blur, so that users can intuitively change focus and depth-of-field of the input photograph. Although information available from a single photograph is highly insufficient for fully correct refocusing, the results show that visually plausible refocused images can be obtained.