Creating Music by Listening

A system that analyzes an MP3 collection, models its structural, perceptual, and musical content, and resynthesizes new, personalized, and controlable songs. Developed in the Skeleton environment: a Cocoa library for batched music analysis, visualization, machine learning, and audio synthesis.

PhD in Media Arts and Sciences at the Media Laboratory (MIT)
June 2005

Tod Machover, Peter Cariani, Francois Pachet, Julius O. Smith, Barry Vercoe



Perceptual Synthesis Engine: An Audio-Driven Timbre Generator

A real-time synthesis engine which models and predicts the timbre of acoustic instruments based on perceptual features extracted from an audio stream.

Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences at the Media Laboratory (MIT)
September 2001

Tod Machover, Joe Paradiso, Miller Puckette, Barry Vercoe



Parametric Equalizer, Convolution, Pitch-Tracking, and Applications for the Hexophonic Guitar

Real-time, analog-like cascaded parametric equalizer, sound convolutions, pitch trackers, as well as an automatic tablature transcription for the hexophonic guitar project were studied and implemented.

Researcher at
CNMAT (UC Berkeley)
September 1998 - August 1999
Adrian Freed, David Wessel



Dassault's "Rafale" Aircraft's Radar Tests

Real-time electromagnetic signature signal gathering, visualization, and post-analysis, for Dassault's "Rafale" aircraft's newest radar tests.

Researcher at CELAR
(a mandatory military position)
October 1997 - August 1998
Denis Martin



Musical Signal Parameter Estimation

A wavelet based pitch tracker, and an autoregressive-signal based sound segmentation were studied, and compared to other techniques.

Diplôme d'Ingénieur en Informatique et téléCommunications
at IFSIC (Rennes 1), and CNMAT (UC Berkeley)
September 1997
Adrian Freed, David Wessel, Jean-Jacques Fucks