The south coast trail, Hoh River to Third Beach

These photos show a day hike from the Hoh up the Third Beach. As is not uncommon, the day started with heavy fog (an early start was required) and gradually cleared out. It is a bit over 20 miles, long stretches of beach interspersed with trails through dense forest over rocky headlands. Many more pix of the area here.
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From Oil City along the Hoh to its mouth
Ocean beach at the Hoh mouth
Jefferson Cove, past the first obstacle
Cove from the trail over Hoh Head
Beach at Mosquito Creek
North on the long beach
Whale remains, stinky!
Clearing out somewhat
Last bay south of Goodman Crek
Trail heads inland around here
Mouth of Goodman Creek
Goodman Creek (off the trail)
Beach again, north to Toleak Point
An offshore arch
The arch and rocks in lifting fog
Looking back south from Toleak Point
Toleak Point
North toward Strawberry Point
Between Toleak and Strawberry
Giants Graveyard passing Strawberry Point
Arch near Strawberry Point
Entrance to the bay by Scotts Bluff
"Hidden" beach & Taylor Pt. from the Bluff
Giants Graveyard from the north
Third Beach from Taylor Point
Descending from Taylor Point
Last ocean view before heading inland