Head of Energy propagation inverse problems subgroup in Camera Culture (since Jan 2014)

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"Inverse Problems in Energy Propagation" is the largest subgroup in the Camera Culture group with about 11 members. I was honored to be the head of the subgroup to manage the flow of publications, meetings, invited talks, grants, and students. The subgroup is focused on using new physics along with novel computational methods for developing advanced imaging modalities.

Supervision and Co-supervision of:

Ph.D. and Postdocs:

Guy Satat

Guy Sata: On time-folded optics project, (2017-2018).

Guy Satat

Achuta Kadambi: On frequency beating depth sensing, (2017-2018).

Alireza Aghasi: On reading through closed books project (2017).

Albert Redo Sanchez: On reading through closed books project (2014-2016).

Genevieve Gariepy: On SPAD array single-photon sensitive imaging (2015).

Mingjie Zhang: On the THz depth imaging project (2015).

M.Sc. students:


Matthew Tancik: On Time-folded optics project, (2018)

Benedikt Groever: On the Tyndall window project, (2015)

Guy Satat

Guy Sata : On the imaging through diffuser, (2013)

Hayato Ikoma: On the Fluorescent unmixing project and hair categorization project, (2014)

Undergrad students:


Keith Taylor : On the acousto-optics project, (Summer 2009), see publications.


Ryan Gruger: On the pump and probe project (Summer and fall 2011).


Undergraduate students:

T. Gambule, J. Erikson, J. Park, M. Sehudi, H. Eftekhardadkhah at "The photonic pen project" (winter 2012)

photonic pen -barmak


Course Instructor for:

Mathematical Methods in Imaging, MAS 532/132, MIT, (Spring 2014).
Advances in Imaging, CEUs 2.4, MIT, (Summer 2014).

Lab Instructor for:

Robotics, UVIC (summer 2011)
Microwaves and Fiber Optics, UVIC (summer 2010)
Engineering Graphics, UVIC (winter 2009)
Microwaves and Fiber Optics, UVIC (summer 2009)
Electronics I, IUT (fall 2007)


Other academics:

Postdoc Associate, MIT, (2013-Present)

Ph.D.: University of Victoria, (2013) GPA: A+

M.Sc.: Isfahan University of Technology, (2008) GPA: 17.8/20

B.Sc.: Isfahan University of Technology, (2006) GPA: 17.2/20

Postdoc Admission Offers:

MIT, (Advanced Imaging Systems) (2013)

University of Michigan, Ann arbor, (Photonic devices) (2013)

Ph.D. Admission Offers:

University of Victoria (UVIC), (nano-photonics)

University of British Columbia (UBC), (MEMS)

University of Ottawa (UOttawa), (photonics)

McMaster University, (image processing)

Links for online courses: