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A conversation on Social Dynamics

Instead of a series of research papers, this workshop will foster a dialogue around methodologies and best practices in computational social science. We ask participants to present a 5 minute overview of research, and then be prepared to discuss their ideas and experience around the practice of data-driven research in the social sciences.

Understanding human behavior is one of the fundamental scientific challenges of our day, drawing on fields as diverse biology, economics, physics, and sociology. And the proliferation of passively-collected, longitudinal behavior -from sources such as online communities, offline purchases and cell phone calls, and international migrations- has opened a new vantage point on social dynamics.

With this diversity of viewpoints, data, and practices, however, it is important for this nascent community to gather to discuss methodologies and best practices. The Social Dynamics workshop at NetSci 2013 (June 4th) aims to enable this dialogue. We are looking for participants to present a 5-minute overview of their work and driving methodological perspectives, in one of 4 themed sessions delving into the questions of how people connect, interact, exchange information, and form communities. Each session will include presentations and discussion led by panel members, but open to all workshop participants. Our goal is to foster this dialogue in the context of cutting-edge research around the theme of social dynamics.

Schedule - June 4th, 2013

10:00-10:05 | Opening remarks
10:05-11:30 | A. Modeling human behavior

Invited: Nitesh Chawla, Aaron Clauset, Marta Gonzalez

Contributed: Ingo Scholtes, Sanjukta Bhowmick, Dhaval Adjodah

11:45-1:15 | B. Economic behavior and networks

Invited: C├ęsar Hidalgo, Sandy Pentland, Iyad Rahwan

Contributed: Alexander Radebach, Daniel Romero

1:15-2:15 | Lunch
2:15-3:45 | C. Spreading and social influence

Invited: Lada Adamic, Petter Holme, Marcel Salathe

Contributed: Elenna Dugundji, Boleslaw Szymanski, Vedran Sekara

4:00-5:30 | D. Networked experiments and predictions

Invited: Sune Lehmann, Jure Leskovec, Vincent Blondel

Contributed: Eamonn Oloughlin, Andrzej Jarynowski

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The submission for presentation at SocialD is closed. We however welcome participants. Please register at

Organizing Committee

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (MIT)
Coco Krumme (MIT)
Chaoming Song (NEU)
Dashun Wang (NEU)