What does it mean to be human?
Can you know another person?
What makes and individual?

How does technology give us a fresh perspective on these questions?

Identity of Self

How does the individual emerge?

What is the impact of media on the formation of identity?

How do we express our identities?

Identity of Others

How do we mediate between individuals?

How do we recognize and authenticate the idenity of others?

How do we portray the identity of groups?

Human (and Post-Human) Identity

What is the impact of wearable computing, “wet” computing, genetic engineering, robotics, software agents, etc., on our sense of self?

The Sociable Media group investigates issues concerning identity and society in a networked world. We address such questions as “how do we percieve people on-line?”, “what does a virtual crowd look like?”, and “how do social conventions develop on-line?”

Prof. Judith Donath

The Gesture and Narrative Language grouo designs technology to enable and enhance natural forms of communication and lingusitic expression. The research focuses on face-to-face conversation and story-telling between adults and between children, paying particular attention to populations whose voices have not been adequately heard.

Prof. Justine Cassell

The Context-Aware Computing group is using “context-knowledge,” such as we do, what we have done, where we are and how we feel about it, in order to interactiev with the environment around us.

Prof. Ted Selker