We invent:
experiences, artificats, tools, languages, and representations,

which others use to invent:
experiences, artificats, tools, languages, and representations.

The Lifelong Kindergarten group aims to reinvent learning and education in a digital society. The group develops new technologies that, in the spirit fo the blocks and fingerpaint of kindergarten, expand the range of what people design and create--and what they learn in the prcoess--in pursuit of a world full of playfully creative people.

Prof. Mitchel Resnick

Being intelligent means being able to continuously organize and reorganize experiences in an ever changing world. The Critical Computing group develops technolgies to assist in this process, tools that help people engage in critical reflection around their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Prof. Brian Smith

“Programming is hard, but programming for a particular domain needn't be.”--John Orwant

The Electronic Publishing group tries to engage people in the iterative process of trial and error in order to achieve fluencey about a domain (and have fun at the same time).

Walter Bender

The aesthetics + computation group explores invention along five dimensions:

viewpoint: beginner vs. expert
use: specific vs. general
skill: effortless vs. practiced
need: recreatinal vs. survival
nature: black-box vs. open-box

Prof. John Maeda

Consumer as

things that think vs. things to think with

Minding the gap between Moore's law and God's law

(from Bill Buxton)