Connectedness is both a technical hookup and a social prerogative; the systems we explore are motivated by human communication needs, and we invent technology to extend human discourse in innovative ways. In doing this, we learn about human nature and mirror it in systems design.

The Internet is inherently “renegade” in that it is not built around centralized resources, but it can be fully distributed and ad hoc.

The Death of Time

The human agenda impinges on our notions of social capital, privacy, and expression. As the Internet fosterd a variety of protocols and removed many boundaries of space, new communication services will overcome temporal contraints.

The Speech Interfaces group uses voice technologies and portable devices to enhance human communciation and make audio a more useful data type. The focus is on developing novel applications, user interfaces, and services to exploit speech processing for interacting with and through computers, far from the desktop.

Chris Schmandt

The Object-Based Video group explores how the distribution of computational intelligence throughout video and audio communications systems can make a richer connection between the people at each end. We build systems that represent content as a collection of meaningful objects accompanied by procedural metadata.

Dr. V. Michael Bove

The Media and Networks group postualtes that every entertainment event in the world could connect to every reciever or personal activity. These possibilities are the result of both the speed of the Internet and the fact that it is designed to maintain multiple, simultaneous, worldwide connections.

Dr. Andrew Lippman