Phil Fleming's Burr

Note that although the pieces are rendered as 2x2x6, the original puzzle has pieces that are 2x2x8; in other words, the pieces have 2x2x1 caps on each end. The presence of the caps requires the more complex solution, as shown.

The Parts

The Steps

the blue-green-white hemispere
the red-yellow-black hemisphere
the most difficult step--bringing the hemispheres together
the black piece slides down
the blue-green-white pieces move towards the center
the blue piece move towards the red piece
the white piece slides in
the green piece slides in
the yellow piece slides over and down
the yellow piece slides in
the white piece slides in further
the yellow piece slides back up
the blue piece slides back towards the green and the red piece slides in (not shown)

Congratulations. You have assembled Phil Fleming's Burr.