Games, puzzles, and other things to think with

Mondays, 7:30-9PM, E15-283a

Walter Bender, advisor
Ricarose Roque, associate advisor
Joeli R. Caparco, Neil M. Dowgun, Paul Groudas, Grant C. Hofmeister, James P. Houghton, Oliver Khamky, WonSik Kim, Matthew Ng, Holli M. Rachall, and Michal Wexler

First meeting [room E15-335] (September 1) Straight/Cross

Student Loan Art Program: view the collection (September 3-13)

Registration Day (September 7)

First day of classes (September 8)

Week 1 (September 8) The pleasures of problem solving,, thinking outside the box

Week 2 (September 13) How to solve it reductio ad absurdum, 7-11

Week 3 (September 20) Playing the odds Monty Hall, lots

Week 4 (September 27) Berloquin monkey and chimpanzee

Week 5 (October 4) Minimax and other game-playing strategies

Add Date (October 8)

Columbus Day Holiday (October 11)

Week 6 (October 11) No class

Week 7 (October 18) Burr puzzles and bar puzzles

Week 8 (October 25) Sequences Em-Heart-Eight, ...720!, 7,3,10,4,8,..., eleven-21,...

Week 9 (November 1) Coding ant trail, 1000 freshmen, prisoners, Gray codes

Week 10 (November 8) Patterns pennies

Veterans Day Holiday (November 11)

Week 11 (November 15) Deducto generating rule from patterns

Drop Date (November 17)

Week 12 (November 22) More Patterns Set, tanograms, and visual illusions

Thanksgiving Vacation (November 25, 26)

Week 13 (November 29) Topology 1 knot, 2 corks, 3 utilities, 7 bridges

Week 14 (December 6) Algorithms 12 coins, Martin Gardnerís toast, 4 freshmen crossing the bridge, odometer

Last day of classes (December 9)

Exam period (December 13-17)

Winter Vacation (December 18-January 2)

Spring pre-registration deadline (December 30)

First day of IAP (Moscow Puzzles) (January 3)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 17)

Last day of IAP (Berloquin Puzzles) (January 28)

Spring registration day (January 31)

Last day of classes spring term (May 12)

Fall pre-registration deadline (solutions) (May 31)