Tristan Swedish

I’m a PhD Student at the MIT Media Lab in the Camera Culture Group. I received a degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics at Northeastern University, where I created computational models of light propagation in tissue. I recently finished my Masters at the MIT Media Lab, where I built a new class of user-centric retinal imaging cameras inspired by computational photography and displays.

I’ve got a keen interest in refactoring hardware, imaging systems, and the algorithms that turn unstructured measurements into useful information. I’ve put cameras on flying robots, built a user-aligned retinal imaging device, and have made my cactus mobile.

I was born in Salt Lake, Utah, spent a good amount of time growing up in Durham, NC, and have been living in Boston the last few years. I’m currently a graduate Research Assistant in the Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab.

When I can, I also like to make music and go skiing.