Tomohiro Maeda
Email: tomotomo[at]
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I am a Master's student and Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab, Camera Culture Group with Prof. Ramesh Raskar as my supervisor. My research interest is computational imaging, inverse problem, and machine learning.


Automatic Differentiation for All Photons Imaging to See Inside Volumetric Scattering Media (ArXiv, 2020)
Tomohiro Maeda, Ankit Ranjan, Ramesh Raskar
Recoverying target embedded in volumetric scattering media.

Recent Advances in Imaging around Corners (ArXiv, 2019)
Tomohiro Maeda, Guy Satat, Tristan Swedish, Lagnogita Sinha, Ramesh Raskar
Review paper coverying different ways of imaging around corners.

Thermal Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging (ICCP 2019)
Tomohiro Maeda, Yiqin Wang, Ramesh Raskar, Achuta Kadambi
Using long-wave infrared radiation to see around corners.

Dynamic Heterodyne Interferometry (ICCP 2018, Best Paper Award)
Tomohiro Maeda, Achuta Kadambi, Yoav Schechner, Ramesh Raskar
Combining temporal modulation and polarization to make interferometry more robust.


Methods and Apparatus for Gigahertz Time-of-Flight Imaging (MIT Case #19963T, US provisional filed)