some photos from my travels...
life has been very good to me

2018 at Massachusetts GOP Convention
Floor Whip for Governor Baker

Lima, Peru July 2018

2017 at Massachusetts College
of Liberal Arts Presidential Inaugration
(me left, new Prez right)

2016 quick lunch at Nathan's Hot Dog
stand in Penn Station, New York City

February 2017 - New Orleans
on Bourbon St. - pre Mardi Gras

October 2016 bad selfie
of me at US Capital

2016 being a tourist in Macau

2016 Florence, Italy
Pope Leo X's apartment
Godly living space!

2016 Florence, Italy
Plaza de Liberte

2016 Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor
on a very windy day!

2016 Shenzhen, China just
before a business meeting

2016 Walt Disney World, Florida with my
wife, Mary, and brother-in-law at our bungalow! My sister is on a paddle boat taking the picture

2016 in Singapore on a very hot day;
too close to the Equator for me!

2016 at a mall in Joharu Bahru, Malaysia

2016 in New Orleans USA with
my wife Mary on a street car!

2015 Abu Dhabi once again, inside a mosque

2015 Cathedral in Huancayo, Peru

2015 Limerick, Ireland train Station

2015 camp, only 5 miles from our home,
a get-a-way with no travel involved!

2015 huge basilica in Zaragoza, Spain

2015 Sol Square, Madrid, Spain
103 degrees Farenheight that day!

2015 lunch/colleagues
Madrid, Spain

2015 Dublin, Ireland as a tourist

downtown Hong Kong in 2015

2015 watching horse races
at Gulf Stream Park, Florida

2015 in Hong Kong —
South China Sea behind

dinner meeting in
Shenzhen, China 2015

2015 Monterrey, Mexico
many mountains in the background

2015 on the balcony of hotel
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

2015 Los Angeles, Calif
"Hollywood" sign in upper left

2015 New Orleans in my hotel room
Superdome in rear!

2015 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Trivandrum, India 2014

a town square in Lima, Peru 2014

2014 Imannonu, Istanbul, Turkey,
courtyard of very old mosque

at the helm of USS Albacore
retired US Navy submarine
New Hampshire USA 2014

after a day-long meeting with colleagues at
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2014

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2014
inside the Old Library
Book of Kells circa 800A.D.

Washington DC 2014

inside the Grand Bazaar (acres of
land) Istanbul, Turkey 2014

visiting a camel farm in Abu Dhabi
in the United Arab Emirates 2014

keynote speaker at conference
in United Arab Emirates 2014

Kul Sharif Mosque
Kazan, Russia 2013

boat cruise on the Volga River
in central Russia 2013

Singapore (off shore) 2013

St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast,
Northern Ireland, UK 2013

Top of Rock, Rockefeller Building,
New York City, Empire State Building
in background, 2013

Tijuana, Mexico 2013

inside the Mission at San Juan
Capistrano, California USA 2013

Aachen Cathedral (circa 796 AD),
Aachen, Germany 2013

Sacre Cour Cathedral,
Paris, France 2013

India Gate in Delhi, India 2013 - marked
arrival of Queen Victoria in 1905
many monuments in Europe resemble
Paris' Arc de Triumph

inside Trinity College,
Dublin, Ireland 2013

Brussels, Belgium 2013
in the city hall square

Trim Castle 2013
near Dublin, Ireland

2013 in backwaters of central India
weeds cover a deep river

ancient ruins in Delhi,
India 2013

Taj Mahal at Agra, India 2013

inside the Red Fort
Delhi, India 2013

inside the Aachen Cathedral
Aachen, Germany 2013

in Paris, France at
Arc de Triumph 2013

Hagia Sophia Church
Istanbul, Turkey 2013

City Hall in Belfast,
Northern Ireland, UK 2013

in Times Square,
New York City April 2013

Eiffel Tower, Paris
France 2013

2011 Arc de Triumph in Paris
Eiffel Tower in the distance
over my right shoulder

Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA 2012

Antigua, Guatamula 2011

Istanbul, Turkey 2011

Bogota, Colombia 2011

Madrid, Spain 2011

Pyramids in Egypt 2011

Malaysia 2010

Tower of London 2009

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 2010

on the Great Wall of China 2009

monument in Bucharest Romania 2011
resembles Paris' Arc de Triumph

Mt. Rushmore USA 2011

Brasov, Romania 2011 (Dracula's Castle)

Hong Kong Harbor, 2008

Chengdu, China 2008, national
breeding facility for pandas
2 pandas in background

Venice, Italy 2008

Tokyo, Japan 2008
I lived in Tokyo 1966-68

China 2008

at the University of Hong Kong 2009

southern tip of India 2007

Madrid 2011

on a camel in Petra, Jordan 2008

Harbin, China 2007

Amman, Jordan 2008

Tunisia 2007

Shenzhen, China 2009

southern Austria 2008

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong 2009

the Forbidden City in Beijing, China 2008

Chennai, India 2009

St. Petersburg, Russia 2009

Riga, Latvia 2009

Indonesia 2009

the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas 2009

Shenzhen, China 2009

Mumbai, India 2009

Malaysia 2009

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy 2008

Mt. Nebo in Jordan 2008

Roman Ruins in Jordan 2008

at Petra in Jordan 2008

Austria 2006

Macau 2007

Salamanca, Spain 2007

London 2004

Brasil 2007

Madrid, Spain 2008

Macau 2007

Singapore 2009

London, England 2004

Traviso, Italy 2005

All Hallow's Church, London, England 2004
— where Halloween started!

Villach, Austria 2005
— beautiful landscape!