Multi-Projector Displays Using
Camera-Based Registration

IEEE Visualization, San Fransisco, October 1999

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The Office of the Future project

We describe new techniques for displaying panoramic imagery over a multi-projector system, with special emphasis on maintaining geometric registration throughout a wide range of viewer, light projector and display surface configurations. We minimize geometric registration errors by employing cameras, which are used to extract display surface and light-projector geometries. Using the extracted geometry, we employ techniques that collectively achieve a seamless display over a large range of possible geometric configurations, performance considerations, and error tolerances. Our techniques address geometric registration problems that most systems avoid simply by construction (e.g., planar walls and carefully aligned projectors) or restriction (e.g., stationary viewer). Toward this end, we show that a non-expert user can set up and calibrate a two-camera, two-projector head-tracked configuration of our prototype system in about 15 minutes.

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