Powers Live

Powers Live is an extension of Death and the Powers for a global interactive simulcast of the opera during its February 2014 presentation in Dallas, Texas. The Powers Live simulcast broadcasts live video of the performance in high definition, along with the opera's signature surround sound, to venues around the world. Throughout the broadcast, remote audiences are priveleged with views from inside The System, the technologically-enabled transcendent realm of the opera's story, in the form of on-stage (and on-robot) camera angles and real-time video processing. This unique vantage on the action and narrative presents an alternative point of view from that which audiences in the theater experience. Additionally, the world of The System extends off of the large screen and into the hands of remote audiences through their own mobile devices. Disembodied Performance data and triggers from the orchestra are sent to mobile devices in order to trigger and generate unique and responsive second-screen content. The Powers Live infrastructure has since been modified to enable on-demand second screen experiences from any web-based video playback.

I designed and implemented both the responsive live video system that generates the point of view of Simon in The System for the broadcast as well as the graphical mobile experience.