Media Scores

Media Scores provide a means to orchestrate multiple modalities in the creation of expressive works of art and performance. Media Scores extend the concept of a musical score to other modalities in order to facilitate the process of authoring and performing multimedia compositions, providing a medium through which to realize a modern-day Gesamtkunstwerk. Based on research into the representation and the encoding of expressive intent, the Media Scores framework lets creators shape an artistic work that may be performed through human and technological means in a variety of media and utilizing various modalities of expression. Media Scores offer the potential for authoring content considering live performance data and the potential for audience participation and interaction. This paradigm bridges the extremes of the continuum from composition to performance, allowing for improvisatory compositional acts at performance-time. The Media Score also provides a common point of reference in collaborative productions as well as the infrastructure for the real-time control of any technologies used during a live performance.

Figments provides one example of a theatrical experience using Media Scores.