Photo of Nikhil Singh

I'm a fourth-year PhD candidate at MIT, working in the Media Lab. My work focuses on human-AI interaction and multimodal machine learning across a range of application areas including creative, immersive, and informational media.

Prior to graduate school, I was an instructor at the Berklee College of Music. I taught courses in music technology, including audio programming and music production. Before that, I was a student at Berklee focusing on classical music composition, jazz, and computer music. I continue to explore the relationship between music, sound, and AI.

I have interned at Netflix Research and the Allen Institute for AI (AI2). At AI2 (Summer 2023), I worked with Jonathan Bragg and Lucy Lu Wang in the Semantic Scholar team. At Netflix (Summer 2022) I worked with Mahdi Kalayeh on the Product Machine Learning Research team, collaborating with Chih-Wei Wu and Iroro Orife.

If you're interested in similar research areas or potential collaborations, I would be glad to hear from you; feel free to get in touch.

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