Kelly Dobson

Long before implants, splicing, and cyborgs, people and machines co-evolved as companion species. Critical infoldings happen in the connections between people and machines, and my work in Machine Therapy investigates these engagements. The machines (some made by me, some found) have expressive engaging behaviors, strength of character, negotiative egos and neurotic propensities.

biography and cv

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i work in the Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab

february 06
blendie and relatives are in this month's issue of Gourmet
december 05
blendie and i are in a new book from O'Reilly, the makers of MAKE magazine, by Bob Parks, called Makers:

03 - 07 October 05
taught/worked with a brilliant group of students in a sound art exploratory workshop at The Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo

19 October 05
presented a paper on Machine Voices written in collaboration with Brian Whitman and Dan Ellis at WASPAA

14 september 05
visited Cornell University as part of the SIGCHI Distinguished Lecturer Series


wearable body organs







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