Micha Feigin

Postdoctoral researcher
MIT Media Lab, Camera Culture Group
75 Amherst St, E14-374C
Cambridge, MA 02139

phone: (617) 253-0291
email: michaf <at> mit.edu


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Ramesh Raskar in the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab.

My main research passion lies in medical ultrasound, specifically in the fields of ultrasound topography and elastography. My aims are to deal with cancer detection and diagnosis as well bypassing the soft tissue assumption, mostly for the purpose of ultrasound imaging in the presence of bone.

I aim to bring algorithms and technologies used in seismic imaging and oil and gas research to advance and benefit medical ultrasound.

I also dabble with related signal processing and imaging problems including time resolved and 3d imaging, radar and sonar, mostly in the context of dealing with multi path interference and the application of low power devices for low cost medical applications and human computer interaction.

I received my Ph.D form the school of applied mathematics at the Tel Aviv university, under the supervision of prof. Nir Sochen working on inverse problems in medical imaging. My research included models for DIC microscopy, anisotropic denoting and deblurring and accelerated methods for smart random subsampling for dictionary learning and compressed sensing.

In addition to my academic background I also have extensive experience in the industry, where I’ve worked for three and a half years as chief architect and optimization ninja for a company specializing in consultation and outsourcing for GPU computing. Before that I worked with RSIP Vision consulting and implementing algorithms in machine vision and image processing for medical imaging and industrial inspection.