Matthew Aldrich

Research Assistant

Responsive Environments Group

Advisor: Joe Paradiso


office: 617-452-5647




I joined the Media Lab in 2008. I have an embedded systems background and my interests include low power design and instrumentation. Before joining the group, I worked at a start-up designing solid state lighting products and control systems. I also enjoy designing electronic musical controllers. I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Yale in 2004.


At Yale, my thesis involved low power CMOS circuitry, analog signal processing, and some probability. Along the way, I dabbled in beat detection, tempo estimation, sensor acquisition and instrumentation, computer arithmetic, musical synthesis, and several multimedia projects that explored the relationships between vision, color, and sound.


Professionally, I have done both government and commercial work. Before the Media Lab, I worked for Renaissance Lighting, a small start up in Northern VA. There I designed and invented solid state lighting products and developed the company's patented color control and closed loop system. I have also designed numerous state machines (74ls!), and worked on guidance systems for the government.


My research page on adaptive solid-state lighting can be found here


My Masterís Thesis (June, 2010) can be found here