Courses Taught by Henry Lieberman

This page contains course descriptions, curriculum material, and pictures of student projects for some current and past courses I have taught at MIT.

Common Sense Reasoning for Interactive Applications
Fall 2013 (First taught Fall 2002)
Henry Lieberman

Out of Context: A Course on Computer Systems That Adapt To, and Learn From, Context
Fall 2001
Henry Lieberman and Ted Selker

Collaboration between People, Computers and Things [Spring 97]
Hiroshi Ishii and Henry Lieberman

Collaboration between People, Computers and Things [Spring 96]

Learning Strategies for Intelligent Agents
Henry Lieberman and David Maulsby

Making Simple Things Simple, Making Complex Things Possible
Mitchell Resnick and Henry Lieberman

Intelligent Interface Software Design Workshop
Henry Lieberman and Hal Abelson

Intelligent Interfaces Seminar
Pattie Maes and Henry Lieberman