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Course Schedule and Discussion Topics (Tentative)

 Feb. 5 Introduction and Course Overview: Part 1: HCI and CSCW (Ishii)
Videos: Macintosh PostIt Note,
POEMs, CUBIQ (from 1996 student projects)
Knowledge Navigator (Apple)
 Feb. 12

Introduction and Course Overview: Part 2: AI & HCI (Lieberman, Ishii and McGeady)

Future visions of HCI (Ishii, Lieberman, and McGeady)
Video: StarFire (SUN Soft)

 Feb. 19

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents (Lieberman)
Lieberman (1996), Maes (1994), Cypher (1993)

Exercise in class: 1) solve a problem (web search) collaboratively, and keep track how you exchange and share the information, and 2) think how computer could help this problem solving better taking more active role.

 Feb. 26

Discussion about the collaborative problem solving exercise

Guest Lecture by Steve McGeady: "'Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink - Know What I Mean?' - Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Interaction: Lessons from building ProShare(tm) VideoConferencing"

 Mar. 5

Media Space and Shared Drawing Media (Ishii)
Greenberg (1995), Ishii (1994), Chap 13 of Baecker (1993)
Video: "Group Sketch" (U. of Calgary), "TWS and ClearBoard" (NTT), etc.

Final Project Assignment:

 Mar. 12

Guest Lecture: collaborative airline system
Charles Rich (MERL) and Candy Sidner (Lotus)

Intelligent Agent Interface (Lieberman)
Cypher (1993), Maes (1994), Lieberman (1996), Stoehr (1995), Nagao (1994), Lakin (1994), Lanier (1995)

 Mar. 19 Guest Lecture by Steve McGeady: "Swarms of PCs, Flocks of Macs"
 Mar. 26 Spring vacation (no class, CHI '97 in Atlanta)
 Apr. 2 Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Computing (Ishii)
Weiser (1991), Wellner (1993), Feiner (1993), Fitzmaurice (1993), Nagao (1995), Cooperstock (1995)
Video: "Digital Desk" (EuroParc), "Cameleon" (U. of Toronto)
 Apr. 9 Guest sepeaker: Chris Schmandt and Lisa Stifelman
 Apr. 16 Tangible Bits (Ishii )
Ishii (1997), Fitzmaurice (1995), Buxton (1995)
Video: "Bricks" (U. of Toronto), metaDESK, ambientROOM (MIT Media Lab)
 Apr. 23

Learning and Adaptive Interfaces (Lieberman)
Cypher (1993), Maes (1994), Lieberman (1996)

Guest Lecture by Steve McGeady: "Today's PC, 10 and 20 Years Ago, 5 and 10 Yeasr from Now"

 Apr. 30 New paradigms (Ishii and Lieberman)
Weiser (1991), Weiser (1992), Buxton (1995), Krueger (1991)
 May 7  Final Project Presentations: Part 1 (Students)
 May 14.  Final Project Presentations: Part 2 (Students)

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