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Software Visualization

Using computer graphic imagery and visual design techniques to help visualize static and dynamic properties of software.

AI in Visual Design & Visualization

Work in artificial intelligence and visual design at the Media Laboratory's Visible Language Workshop group. The group was headed by Prof. Muriel Cooper, who passed away in May 1994.


Tinker is a programming by demonstration system for Lisp programming, targeted for beginning programmers. It is one of the few systems that can construct conditionals and recursive functions from multiple examples.


In 1990, I received the degree of Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches from the Universite Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie. The Habilitation, like the American PhD, is the highest degree given by a French university. However, unlike the PhD, the Habilitation is awarded for a candidate's entire career rather than a single project, and the document that corresponds to a thesis, the Memoire de Synthese, is an autobiography of the candidate's scientific career. Here is my Memoire de Synthese, for those readers that can speak French [or you can just look at the pictures].

Artificial Intelligence

A collection of my papers on Artificial Intelligence.

Object-Oriented Programming

A collection of my work on Object Oriented Programming, mostly dating from my work at the University of Paris and at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. I worked with Carl Hewitt, investigating the actor model of parallel computation for artificial intelligence. I also started an ongoing debate about the use of prototype objects and delegation as an alternative to classes for sharing knowledge between objects.

Garbage Collection

Carl Hewitt and I invented an algorithm for real-time garbage collection based on keeping track of the lifetimes of objects using generations.