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Welcome to the 2000 ACM Intelligent User Interfaces Conference [IUI-2000] Electronic Proceedings!

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Henry Lieberman
MIT Media Lab

Program Chair, IUI 2000

Sunday 9 January 2000

Tutorial:  Information Filtering, Classification, and Extraction 
Presenter:  Michael J. Pazzani

Tutorial:  Intelligent User Interfaces, An Introduction
Presenter:  Mark Maybury

Sunday, 9am - 6pm
Workshop:  Using Plans in Intelligent User Interfaces
Chairs:  Charles Rich, and Candace Sidner

Sunday, 9am - 6pm
Workshop:  Neural Networks for Intelligent User Interfaces
Chairs:  Ramin Yasdi, Rainer Malaka

Monday 10 January 2000

Monday, 9am - 10:30am
Animated Characters and Conversation
Presenting through Performing: On the Use of Multiple Lifelike Characters in Knowledge-Based Presentation Systems
    Elisabeth André, Thomas Rist, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH

ps pdf html
More Than Just a Pretty Face: Affordances of Embodiment
    J. Cassell, T. Bickmore, H. Vilhjálmsson, H. Yan, MIT Media Laboratory
Expanding Software through Metaphors  and Metonymies
    Simone D. J. Barbosa, Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Pontifícia Universidade Católica

Monday, 11am-12:30pm

Learning to Recommend from Positive Evidence
    Ingo Schwab, >Wolfgang Pohl, Ivan Koychev, GMD-FIT.MMK
ps pdf  
Mining Navigation History for Recommendation
    Xiaobin Fu, Jay Budzik, Kristian J. Hammond, Northwestern University
Guiding People to Information: Providing an Interface to a Digital Library Using Reference as a Basis for Indexing
    Shannon Bradshaw, Andrei Scheinkman, Kristian Hammond, Northwestern University 

Monday, 2:30pm-4:00pm
Invited Speaker: 
Marvin Minsky, MIT, USA

The Emotion Machine


Monday, 4:30pm-6pm
A Perceptual Assistant to do Sound Equalization
    Dale Reed, University of Illinois at Chicago
CACTUS: Automated Tutorial Course Generation for Software Applications
     Federico García, Escuela Téchnica Superiour de Ingeniería Informática  

Procedure Based Help Desk System
    Akira Takano, Yuko Yurugi, Atsushi Kanaegami, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Monday, 6:30-8:30pm
Short Paper/Poster Session/Demonstration/Reception:
A Knowledge-Based Electronic Information and Documentation System
    Robert L. Young, Elaine Kant, Larry A. Akers, SciComp Incorporated

Virtual Reviewers for Collaborative Exploration of Movie Reviews
    Junichi Tatemura, University of Tokyo

A Reinforcement Learning Agent for Personalized Information Filtering 
    Young-Woo Seo, Byoung-Tak Zhang, Seoul National University     
APE: Learning User's Habits to Automate Repetitive Tasks
    Jean-David Ruvini, Christophe Dory, University of Montpellier       

Virtual Personal Service Assistants: Toward Real-time Characters with Artificial Hearts
     Yasmine Arafa, Abe Mamdani, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine          

Adaptive Medical Information Delivery Combining User, Task and Situation Models
    Luis Francisco-Revilla, Frank M. Shipman III, Texas A&M University       

rtf ps doc
User Studies of an Interdependency-Based Interface for Acquiring Problem-Solving Knowledge
    Jihie Kim, Yolanda Gil, USC/Information Sciences Institute    

NaturalJava: A Natural Language Interface for Programming in Java
    David Price, Ellen Riloff, Joseph Zachary, Brandon Harvey, University of Utah
pdf doc
Demonstration: The sView System: A Personal Service Environment    
Markus Bylund and Fredrik Espinoza, Swedish Institute for Computer Science

Tuesday, 11 January 2000

Tuesday, 9am-10:30am 
Panel: Intelligent User Interfaces for Correspondence Domains:
Moving IUIs 'Off the Desktop'

Organizer:         Christopher A. Miller, Honeywell Technology Center

Panelists:          Patty Lakinsmith, Monterey Technologies Inc.
                        Christine Mitchell, Georgia Institute of Technology
                        Reiner Onken, Bundeswher University, Munich
                        Robin Penner, Honeywell Technology Center
                        Valerie Shalin, Wright State university


Tuesday, 11am-12:30

Observing User Behavior
SUITOR: An Attentive Information System
     Paul P. Maglio, Rob Barrett, Christopher S. Campbell, Ted Selker, IBM Almaden Research Center 

Adaption in Automated User-Interface Design
    Jacob Eisenstein, Angel Puerta, RedWhale Software   

Learning Users' Interests by Unobtrusively Observing Their Normal Behavior
    Jeremy Goecks, Jude Shavlik, University of Wisconsin    
Representation of Electronic Mail Filtering Profiles: A User Study
    Michael J. Pazzani, University of California, Irvine 
pdf doc    

Tuesday, 2:30pm-4:00pm

Visualization and Knowledge Acquisition
Data Exploration across Temporal Contexts
    Mark Derthick, Steven F. Roth, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute   

Mapping Communicative Goals into Conceptual Tasks to Generate Graphics in Discourse
    Stephan Kerpedjiev, MAYA Viz, Steven F. Roth, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute  

Conversion Map: A Content-Based Usenet Newsgroup Browser
    Warren Sack, MIT Media Laboratory     

html doc

Tuesday, 4:30pm-6pm

1890 Maple Ave., Evanston, IL 60201
Jabberwocky: You don't have to be a rocket scientist to change slides for a hydrogen combustion lecture
    David Franklin, Shannon Bradshaw, Kristian Hammond, Northwestern University

Improving Human Computer Interaction in a Classroom Environment using Computer Vision
    Joshua Flachsbart, David Franklin, Kristian Hammond, Northwestern University   

User Interactions with Everyday Applications as Context for Just-in-time Information Access
    Jay Budzik, Kristian J. Hammond, Northwestern University


Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm

Short Paper/Poster/Demonstration Session/Dinner Buffet:

Expression constraints in multimodal human-computer interaction
    Sandrine Robbe-Reiter, Noëlle Carbonell, LORIA; Pierre Dauchy, IMASSA-CERMA  
pdf html
Efficient Text Summarization Using Lexical Chains
    H. Gregory Silber, Kathleen F. McCoy, University of Delaware
A Reporting Tool Using "Programming by Example" For Format Designation
    Tetsuya Masuishi, Nobuo Takahashi, Hitachi Limited   

Enhancing Information Retrieval by Automatic Acquisition of Textual Relations using Genetic Programming
    Agneta Bergström, Göteborg University; Patricija Jaksetic, Viktoia Institute; 
    Peter Nordin, Chalmers University of Technology

A Life-WebGuide: An Intelligent User Interface for Web Site Navigation
    Paolo Gaudiano, Klaus Kater, Artificial Life, Inc.   

A Learning Agent for Wireless News Access
    Daniel Billsus, Michael J. Pazzani, James Chen, University of California, Irvine   

A Task-based Architecture for Application-aware Adjuncts
    Robert Farrell, Peter Fairweather, TJ Watson Research Center; 
    Eric Breimer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

pdf doc
Demonstration: The Amebica System: Electrical Management and Control System    
V. Daurensan and P. Lachaud, Alcatel, France


Wednesday, 12 January 2000

Wednesday, 9am-10:30am

Graphical Interaction
Using Annotated Video as an Information Retrieval Interface
    Andrew S. Gordon, IBM T J Watson Research Center    

Instructible Information Agents for Web Mining
    Mathias Bauer, Dietmar Dengler, Gabriele Paul, DFKI   

html ps
 VITE: A Visual Interface Supporting the Direct Manipulation of Structured Data Using Two-Way Mappings
    Hao-wei Hsieh, Frank M. Shipman III, Texas A&M University

pdf doc ps

Wednesday, 11am-12:30
Agents and Applications
Creating an Empirical Basis for Adaptation Decisions
    Anthony Jameson, Barbara Großmann-Hutter, Leonie March, Ralf Rummer, University of Saarbrüken      

Margin Notes: Building a Contextually Aware Associative Memory
     Bradley J. Rhodes, MIT Media Laboratory  

HTML doc
A Recipe-Based Online Food Source
     Martin Svensson, Stockholm University/KTH; 
    Jarmo Laaksolahti, Kristina Höök, Annika Waern,
Swedish Institute of Computer Science  

Context-Aware Office Assistant
    Hao Yan, Ted Selker, MIT Media Laboratory    

Wednesday, 2:30pm-4pm
New Directions/More Speculative Topics
MIND-WARPING: Towards Creating a Compelling Collaborative Augmented Reality Game
    Thad Starner, Bastian Leibe, Brad Singletary, Jarrell Pair, Georgia Institute of Technology

R2D2 in a Softball: The Portable Satellite Assistant
    Yuri Gawdiak, NASA Ames; Jeff Bradshaw, The Boeing Company; 
    Brian Williams, MIT; Hans Thomas, NASA Ames

doc html
Requirements Elicitation for an Intelligent Software Test Environment for the Physically Chall enged
    Warren Moseley, St. Andrews Presbyterian College   

A Calendar with Common Sense
    Erik T. Mueller, Signiform

pdf html

Wednesday, 4:30pm-6pm

Invited Speaker:  
Artists Augmented by Agents
Ernest Edmonds
, Loughborough University, UK



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