Uglytechture, Misdesign, Malrepair,

Filthcasting & Related Architorture & other Artrocities

At & Around MIT


Photos © 2003 Joost Bonsen : All Rights Reserved


On this page I call it like I see it.  If you’re offended by my opinion, that’s your own fault.  Be warned.


e51 Lobby : the Psychadelic Turd


Off Sloan Plaza : Rock Lobster by Picasso


Sloan Plaza : the Rusty Curly Fry


Kendall Square : the Legal Fish Hook


MIT Faculty Club : a Flock of Aluminum Foil



Sloan e52 Amenities : Missing Phones, Plopped Paper & Toiletry Trash


Sloan e53 : The Concrete Castle (in case HBS comes downriver and invades?)



Sloan Plaza : Nothing lives, not even weeds


The Twiggy Passage in e51-3X5 classrooms



Memorial Drive in front of Walker : this is one of the main thoroughfares between east & west campus…


Ames Street next to the President’s House : More Potholes than Pavement



MIT’s high-traffic Kendall gateway – asphalt as brick-repair, the Kendall Pond, and the random granite roll-dozer


The Ugliest Possibly Lobby at Tech Square





“The Physical Incarnation of a Train-Wreck Painted by Picasso”



Tech Square


Here’s a singularly ineffectual thing to do



Among MIT’s best “Brutalist” style architecture…


Wonderful, excellent timing, reconstruct the steps DURING Campus Preview Weekend – fantastic way to attract the freshmen.


Wastefully expensive ramp & reconstruction for the one handicapped person in a thousand.  What was wrong with the already existing dedicated elevator?


Couldn’t we plug into one of the five buildings surrounding the tent?


Sloan’s plan to replace really bad architecture – Dewey Library -- with a merely lousy architecture – a faux-Baker-house with beautiful plaza views of…the Memorial Drive treeline





Was it a nice party?  Thanks so much for leaving all your crap outside for the rest of us to enjoy.  Did your mothers teach you this technique?