MIT Emerging Technology Matrix
Version 0.3 (Revised 19-Jul-02)

Mapping MIT's Institute-wide strategic emerging technology themes — InfoTech, Biotech, Tinytech, Complex Systems & International Development — to MIT's Triad of Activities — Research, Education, and Extra-curricular Community.

By Joost Bonsen and David Tamés . Please send us your suggestions and comments.

Strategic Technology Themes...
Information Technologies
Biomedical Technologies
Tiny Technologies
Complex Systems

Developmental Innovations

MIT Triad of Activities...
Computation & communication; mind & media
Medical engineering; Health & Life Sciences

Micro- through nano- scale structures & fabrication processes

Large scale, socio-political & econo-technological systems
Appropriate & leapfrog technologies tackling challenges in developing & emerging regions
Selected MIT Centers, Programs, Consortia

LCS, AI Lab, Media Lab, LIDS, RLE, MicroPhotonics, CTS

HST, Biological Engineering, AI Lab, McGovern Institute, Whithead, BPEC, CBCL
MTL, RLE, AeroAstro, MicroPhotonics, Active Materials, NanoStructures, MPC
Space Systems, LIDS, AI Lab, Alliance for Global Sustainability, House'n, Bitter Magnet Lab, CEEPR
Digital Nations, Tech & Development, IPC Globalization Project, MISTI, IDRP, Alliance for Global Sustainability
Sampling of MIT Faculty & Researchers
Zue, Brooks, Knight, Chan, Chandrakasan, Wornell, Kaashoek, Gifford, Shrobe, Guttag, Medard, Abelson, Sussman
Hunter, Knight, So, Matsudiara, Sinskey, Lauffenburger, Gray, Lander, Langer, Wyatt, Newman, Manalis
Schmidt, Senturia, Epstein, Crawley, Jacobsen, Cima, Kimerling, Sodini, Ying, Reif, Smith, Gershenfeld
Crawley, Hansman, Sterman, Sheffi, Lloyd, Winston, Ben-Akiva, Rudolph, Hodges, Molina, Henderson, Berners-Lee
Murcott, Mayes, Sanyal, Pentland, Smith, Resnick, Rogobon, Sachs, Best, Levinson, Jacobson, Sue, Amsden, Davis
Academic Programs
6/EECS, MAS, 18C, 1/Logistics, 15/ITBT
HST, 6/EECS, BE, 9/BCS, 7/Biology, 10/ChemE
3/MatSci, 6/EECS, 10/ChemE, MAS, 5/Chem, 8/Physics, 2/MechE
Eng Systems, 6/EECS, TPP, SDM, 15/Mgt, 16/Aero, 24/Linguistics
11/SPURS, 14/Economics, Martin Society, TPP
MIT Survey Classes
6.191 Prototyping Research Results, MAS.123 Tools for Thought
5.22J, HST.572
3.207, 6.777
15.875 System Dynamics, ESD.83 Engineering Systems
MAS 967 Developmental Entrepreneurship, SP.753 Designs for Developing Countries
MIT Student Clubs
SEBC, MediaTech Club, SIPB, MITERS
SEBC, HealthTech, BMES, Hippocratic Society
SEBC, Biomaterials Society, ACS, PTS, TBP
Aerospace Club, SEDS, TMRC, ENVIT, ANS, TechLink
SANGAM, Paksmit, Development Club, AITI, ATF, Hunger Action, e-Corp
MIT Related Startups
Akamai, Webline/Cisco, DirectHit/AskJeeeves, SiliconSpice/Broadcom, Lotus
Biogen, Millenium, AngstromMedica, MolecularWare
MicroCHIPS, E-Ink, Lilliputian, Surface Logix, SmaLcamera
Orbital Sciences, Teradyne, Ember, Ascent
Low Cost Eyeglasses, Evergreen Solar, AMTEK
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