S. S. Intille, "Change blind information display for ubiquitous computing environments," in Proceedings of the Ubicomp 2002: Ubiquitous Computing, vol. LNCS 2498, G. Borriello and L. E. Holmquist, Eds. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2002, pp. 91-106.


Occupants of future computing environments with ubiquitous display
devices may feel that they are in a space where they are surrounded
with continuously changing digital information. One solution is to
create a reasoning module that accepts requests to display information
from multiple applications and controls how the information is
presented to minimize visual disruptions to users. Such a system might
use information about what activity is occurring in the space to
exploit a powerful phenomena of the human visual system: change


Change blindness, ubiquitous environments, dynamic information, augmented environments.


Joachim Bottger, Chuck Kukla, Rujira Hongladaromp