The Installation at Le Labo Paris

I worked on the audio at pretty much every level for the installation all about the human voice.

  • Recording
  • Sound Design
  • Spec and build the 10.2 channel playback system
  • Engineering and mixing - 10.2 channel version for the installation
  • Engineering and mixing - 5.1 and stereo mixes for Commercial Release

This project was filled with interesting creative decisions from how to take advantage of the acoustics of the venue, and developing the workflow for 10.2 surround mixing. The 10 channel mix led to some creative and powerful surround tools that I plan on developing further as part of my master’s thesis at the Media Lab.

There’s lots more information on the Opera Of the Future page. The Installation opened in Paris, France in March, but it’s going to be the first exhibit at the new Le Laboratoire Cambridge when it opens on October 30th! If you are around Boston, you can come see it for yourself.