From 2009 to 2012 I worked at the boston based music video game company Seven45 Studios – first as an Audio Associate, then as an Audio Tools Specialist. In these roles I did level design, sound design, composition, and developed extensions to the Unity 3D editor. A prototype I developed in the Unity game engine was adopted by our team, and led to the release of a musical rhythm game on the iOS App Store.

Sound Design

One of our products was a Guitar Hero clone. To make the sound effects in the video below, I layered a dirty, distorted guitar over low-fi square wave melodies to support the aesthetics of the guitar-driven content and the retro arcade cabinet featured in the tutorial.


Most of the projects I work on are developing interactive technologies, but I can fill the role of composer when the need arises. Beat Pop is a mobile rhythm game with playful, silly aesthetic. It is no longer available on the App Store, but I’ll leave two of my compositions for the game here.

Log Jam Trio: A juvenile musical joke…

Cheeky Violin: A playful violin jests with the ensemble…