Cover Photo

My own foray into “wearables”. This unusual project came out of the experimental Media Lab class called Silicon Menagerie. In this class, we explored ways to augment human senses to simulate the kind of experience that non-human animals have. We looked at lots of different animals, including Angler Fish, Bats, Ants, and Sharks, all of which have the ability to perceive stimuli that humans cannot.

For inspiration, my group looked to the Honey Bee. Honey Bees have a fascinating array of sensory apparati. They have 5 eyes, they communicate through dance, they operate as a hive mind, and they have a very precise perception of time that enables them to use the position of the sun as a dependable reference point as it moves across the sky.

My group built a sensor network and heads-up-display mounted in a stylish wearable package inspired by the ulra-violet vision of bees.

Steel cable makes up the enclosure. 3D printed parts hold everything together

Early Build

We used an iPod touch for the display, and an Arduino Mega for communicating with the sensors

Simulated Bee Vision