I’m Charles

Media Artist, Software Engineer, Audio Wizard.

I am a PhD Candidate with the Opera of the Future at the MIT Media Lab, where I study the long term implications of the internet, AI, and streaming technologies for music and media. Informed by a study of cultural studies and media history, I like to imagine, build, and explore possibilities for the future of connected music technology.

I have a background research, music, and software development.

Before I was a grad student at the Media Lab, I:

  • Compounded the efficacy of my team as an Audio Tools Specialist at music-video-game developer, Seven45 Studios.
  • Coded DSP in C for processing 3D video in the frequency domain at the MIT George Harrison Spectroscopy Lab.
  • Designed audio effects and music technology at the MIT Media Lab.

I love working with: Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, MongoDB, Redis, Go, Node.js/TypeScript/npm, HTTP, WebSockets, HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Recently I have been writing C++.

I am an alumnus of Hack Reactor in San Francisco, and the Recurse Center in NYC. I have a Bachelor of Music and Sound Recording Technology degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Find me here:

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