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Reinventing the Stethoscope

A device for automatic diagnosis and screening of patients with potential cardiac problems. The device is composed of a synchronized digital stethoscope and an ECG. The two signals allow signal processing algorithms to overcome significant challenges in automatic classification of heart murmurs.
This work started at the MIT Media Lab Engineering Health class and later continued in several REDX workshops in India.

Glasses Free Display

The goal of this project was a display that would correct eye aberration instead of glasses, i.e. a person who usually wears glasses would be able to see information on a display clearly without the need of glasses. The display would show an image that is pre-distorted (for specific eye conditions), but would be perceived as a sharp image by a person standing in front of the display. While other works solved this problem with a combination of hardware and algorithms, here the goal was a pure software solution with a regular display (as a visiting student in Camera Culture group).


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About Me

I completed my PhD with the Camera Culture group at MIT Media Lab.

I have experience in computational imaging, computer vision, machine learning (including deep learning and online learning), signal processing, optimization, compressive sensing, and image processing.

I am broadly interested in various aspects of computational imaging, in particular enhancing computational imaging with data-driven techniques like deep learning, imaging through occlusions (like fog and human tissue), and compressive imaging (single pixel camera and lens-less imaging). My current research focuses on solving fundamental problems in autonomous systems like self-driving cars and drones.

During my undergraduate studies I researched the use of Memristors (a recently discovered fundamental electronic device) for logic in future VLSI circuits and CPU architectures.


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